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POEM: Winter woes

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By: Rayees Ahmad Kumar

Vallities proudly during summers

Look forward to construct lofty

And cemented concrete houses

From its entrance to the top

Cement and marble flooring

Add to its resplendence and glory

In our strides, we only intend

To have charming, nice-looking house

We do forget it all about

The bone-chilling and biting cold

Of valley’s tough and harsh winter

When faucets pour ice in place of water

Frozen metallic pipes burst

Amidst record dipping mercury levels

Our limbs experiencing osteodynia

Cracked-heals and chapped lips

Do annoy and infuriate us ponderously

During frequent power outages

All electrical gadgets stored in the home

Deny providing any relief and comfort

In such testing and troubled times

Our traditional centuries old Kangri

Only comes to our rescue

Inhabitants in winters do acknowledge

The momentousness of muddy houses

With thatched roofs and timber-frames

And pitfalls of erecting concrete edifices

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