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The inimitable She: I want you to embrace me

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By: Shahi Ul Islam

My soul it has been a long time since we met

My heart is craving to see your glad grace, refulgent eyes, long tresses, crimson lips, veiled dress and feeble hands

See, the devastation of my heart, with every passing time,

My youth is drowning in the sorrows and dread,

My eyes dribble the tears and my heart screams,

I am enduring your severance, The scars

My life once was full of dreams and hopes now shattered

The blood of pain flowing through my veins of the bruised heart

Come again for I still am searching for you

All alone I am, shattered and lost

The loneliness comes to devour me,

Your separation has destroyed my peace

Tell me, should I die or live?

My eyes are still discerning the paths

That you walked upon to hold someone’s hand

I live in the pitch black world, where all the glimmering stars and the dazzling moon are lost, How long shall I dwell in the darkness?

My love,

Come again and bear hug my wounded body, I crave to die in your arms


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