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Looking towards the future

Looking towards the future
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By: Dr Satyavan Saurabh

It’s like the cycle of birth and death; defeat seems like victory. Fought bravely, if not today then tomorrow will be our day.

Winning hearts is more important than winning the cup. Cricket is not over. Our Indian team won 10 matches in the 2023 World Cup and today 140 crore Indians are heartbroken after losing the final.

We will work hard again in 2027 and we will win. There is always victory and defeat. But the performance of the Indian team has been good throughout the World Cup. It doesn’t matter if we did not win the final. Then we will win further. Love to you boys in blue T-shirts. This heart will beat only for the Blue Boys every time.

Many congratulations to our Indian team for continuously showing excellent performance. You took India forward with zeal and enthusiasm by continuously playing brilliantly. We can’t see our players crying. Stop these tears.

In the game one team wins, and the other loses. Today was not the day of the Indian team. Tomorrow our day will return. What if you lose today? Australia also lost last time. Then we will prepare well for the coming World Cup. Now resolve to face just one defeat, we will take revenge every time from now on. A lot was learned from this defeat. Be patient, our team is very brave. You pledge that now we will deal with anyone at any cost. Will win again tomorrow.

Success is a public celebration, while failure is a personal mourning. This was written by Thomas Jefferson. That’s why Captain, it’s not tears, it’s emotion, let it out, let it flow, that dilemma will continue to torment you and me for many years. I have heard that crying together is like lightening the heart, but remember, the whole country, the blessings of millions of hands are with you, they will be with you, but it is true, victory is hidden in defeat, no matter how brilliant you played, the day of the final was bad for everyone.

Too bad but remember it will be morning again tomorrow. A new morning, new lights. We will wait for you all again. After some time, expectations will be raised again, then there will be applause and noise, this is religion. This is the game. Cricket is also the same, whoever has a good day, wins. Whoever has a bad day is defeated. Then a day will come when we will win.

Winning hearts is more important than winning the cup. Cricket is not over. Before the match, our captain had said in the conference that one mistake could cost us dearly, and in the final, Shubman Gill made the mistake and the second mistake was made by Shreyas Iyer and Suryakumar Yadav.

What if you lose today? Australia also lost last time. Still, we will prepare well for the coming World Cup. Be determined now with just one defeat. We will take revenge for this every time in the future. Keep two or three all-rounders in the team. Learn to control your mood and pressure. Avoid famine. This pain scratched a 20-year-old wound but this defeat taught us a lot. Be patient, our team is very brave.

India got a lot of fame till the semi-finals, but the final victory slipped out of our hands. Sometimes fans out of sheer frustration and anger curse the team, sometimes someone is cursing the guests who reached the stadium. If you are a true Indian then stop cursing and stand with your country and team.

The whole country is sad about this. But we were more saddened to see our players crying. Victory or defeat is a matter of fate. It keeps happening. Some lose and some win. Don’t lose heart in this. Don’t be discouraged. The country is with you in every situation. The country was with us in victory as well as in defeat.

You are the pride of the country. The country is proud of you. All the players played very well. It has been a great journey in all the last matches. This excellent performance of yours will always be recorded in the golden pages of the cricket world. You have lost the match, don’t lose courage. We will wait for time. Will win the World Cup next time.

The biggest victory is the spirit of sportsmanship. Many congratulations to our Indian team for continuously showing excellent performance. You continuously took India forward with enthusiasm and excitement by playing the game brilliantly. We can’t see our players crying. Stop these tears.

The Indian cricket team’s unprecedented performance in the World Cup, willpower, passion and spirit for the game should continue in the future. We will win the world next time under the leadership of a brave captain. Winning and losing is part of the game. What matters is whether you played your part wholeheartedly or not.

Now that the team has lost, people have started trolling and will do so in the future too but I know what the players are going through. My prayers are for all the lovely blue t-shirt guys, the world will remember your World Cup journey. Not today, we will win tomorrow, we will become world champions, we are with the Indian team. It happens only in sports that a team has everything good and loses.

Team India has lost the final. If the team had not been strong, it would not have reached the final. Heart is sad but courage is strong. At this time the entire country should support these players. Only then will the mind get support. You all have won the hearts of crores of sports lovers with your brilliant performance in the Cricket World Cup 2023. Those who lose today will win again tomorrow. The entire country is proud of the Indian cricket team.


A Transformative Initiative

Aubaid Ahmad Akhoon

In the pursuit of educational excellence, the government of Jammu and Kashmir has introduced a series of visionary initiatives aimed at not only elevating the quality of education but also promoting transparency, accountability, and community involvement in government schools. These multifaceted strategies are a testament to the government’s unwavering commitment to nurturing a brighter future for the region’s youth.

  1. Enrolling Teachers’ Wards in Government Schools: A Strong Foundation: One of the foundational pillars of this transformative journey is the requirement that government teachers and employees enroll their own children in government schools. This policy is a powerful demonstration of trust in the public education system and encourages teachers to actively engage in enhancing these institutions.
  2. Merit-Based Promotions and In-Service Examinations: Traditionally, promotions in the education sector have been heavily reliant on seniority. However, the government has shifted its focus to merit-based promotions, with in-service exams serving as a crucial component in assessing a teacher’s proficiency, knowledge, and dedication. This change ensures that promotions are earned through competence, ultimately benefiting both teachers and students.
  3. Transparency through Monthly Reports: To uphold transparency and accountability, Zone Education Officers (ZEOs) are now mandated to publish monthly reports in local newspapers. These reports comprehensively cover government school policies, achievements, activities, teacher standards, and more. This practice not only keeps the public informed but also motivates authorities to continuously strive for improvement.
  4. Teacher Training and Professional Development: Investments in teacher training and professional development programs have been prioritized. These initiatives are designed to keep educators up-to-date with the latest teaching methodologies and technological advancements. A well-trained teacher is more effective in the classroom and positively impacts students’ learning experiences.
  5. Encouraging Community Engagement: Active engagement of parents and the local community is a critical component. Government schools now actively involve parents through parent-teacher associations and seek community support. This collaborative approach empowers the community, fosters a sense of ownership, and strengthens the school’s standing.
  6. Infrastructure and Resource Enhancement: Improving the physical infrastructure and providing necessary resources, such as textbooks and teaching aids, is vital. Adequate classrooms, libraries, laboratories, and technology support are being provided to create a conducive learning environment.
  7. Holistic Education: Education is not just about academics; it’s about character development, critical thinking, and practical skills. Government schools are emphasizing holistic development to prepare students for academic and life challenges.
  8. Regular Assessment and Feedback: To identify areas in need of improvement, a system for continuous assessment and feedback has been implemented. Students, teachers, and parents have channels to provide valuable feedback on various aspects of the school environment.

Tailpiece: The comprehensive efforts to transform government schools in Jammu and Kashmir deserve our utmost appreciation. By adopting an integrated approach that includes academic enhancements, transparency, community engagement, and infrastructure development, these initiatives are poised to create a more conducive and enriching learning environment for students.

With sustained dedication and support, government schools can indeed become centers of excellence, nurturing the potential of every child and contributing to the region’s progress and development. This transformation represents an investment in the future, where education empowers individuals and uplifts communities….

(The author is a columnist and a motivational speaker)



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