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Jammu and Kashmir changed from ‘terror capital’ to tourism hub: Tarun Chugh

Jammu and Kashmir changed from ‘terror capital’ to tourism hub: Tarun Chugh
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Jammu, Sep 28 (PTI) BJP’s national general secretary Tarun Chugh on Thursday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has transformed Jammu and Kashmir, which was once known as the “capital of terrorism”, into a hub of tourism and development.

During the three decades of rule by parties associated with the families of Muftis, Abdullahs, and Gandhis, Jammu and Kashmir was known as the “terrorist capital of India”, he alleged.

Hitting out at the “three dynastic rulers”, Chugh said, “Jammu and Kashmir witnessed the largest migration in the history of the country, mass massacres of Hindus, months-long curfews, and now, these parties are alleging that the BJP is responsible for terrorism in the Union Territory”.

“Prime Minister Modi has transformed Jammu and Kashmir into a hub of tourism and development. Since the BJP came to power, terrorism has almost ceased in the valley. The removal of Article 370 brought peace to Jammu and Kashmir, and development with peace has been ongoing since 2019. It has become a capital of tourism from erstwhile terror capital”, Chugh said.

He said people are experiencing positive changes brought about by the government, and they are content. “Therefore, the opposition’s allegations are baseless, and their panic is evident,” the BJP leader added.

On polls in Jammu and Kashmir, Chugh said opposition parties formed an alliance in the last District Development council, Panchayat, and block development council elections.

“However, lakhs of people came out to vote for Prime Minister Modi, and many secretly voted against the alliance. Mufti and Abdullah, who were arch rivals, formed an alliance due to declining support and public discontent. The people of Jammu and Kashmir will not accept this alliance. They are aware of the true nature of these parties,” he added.




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