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The rising social evils and crimes

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By: Mushtaq Bhat

God created universe and honors human beings with the title as ‘crown of the creation’ even though humans were created to do good, but their activities have become global catastrophic risk.

It seems we as a society are heading towards a singular unknown point of no-return. There is wide spread sin and pockets of evil which is growing exponentially. The educated youth which is considered as future of any nation is pursuing degrees using tech and Internet to wage online ideological wars against communities.

People recognized that women are hurt and made insecure by images of attractiveness and generally extensively tries to bring awareness to how women may be harmed. Humanity is no stranger to malevolence.

Human beings are resorted to gender in equality, deception, rape, domestic violence, thievery, acid attack, murders, Dowry, female foeticide to expedite the actualization of some desirable end. We can quote hundreds of such examples particularly on the piece of land Kashmir which was once called ‘peerwaaer’.

The murder of a mother by his drug addict son in North Kashmir, the gruesome murder of woman in Budgam by a man who chopped her body into pieces and then dumped her parts into different locations. The horrific case of throwing acid on a 20-year-old law student in Srinagar, rape of minors are some of the examples.

Do you know? Seven to eight rape cases occur every minute across our country, various suicidal cases, domestic violence cases etc are also reported. Humanity is seen nowhere, and evidently recently a groom skips wedding and left the bride’s side on the mercy of God. Adding to it corruption which has become a norm impacts societies in a multitude of ways. In the worst cases, it costs lives.

Short of this, it costs people their freedom, health or money. If we will talk of Drug abuse menace, as per various surveys and observations in Srinagar one drug addict enters in Hospital every 15 minutes. Isn’t it shocking? This menace had crippled whole society and are separating us from the gifted title “crown of creatures”.

These Social evils are problems that impact a society’s members either directly or indirectly and are viewed as morally dubious or problematic. These days the height of criticism and demoralising one another is also becoming an element of life and nothing good or positive is going to come out from this which is surely a big loss to our society. The joy of seeing another person in pain is existing across the globe.

Cicero has rightly said, in so far as the mind is stronger than the body. So are the ills contracted by the mind more severe than those contracted by the body. In present circumstances we are feeling hopeless and unprecedented how and when these brutalities are going to stop. Because the place where we are living is becoming more dangerous place to live in.

We can bear witness that the index of risk to life is higher than before when life was handled more carefully. Young students still in secondary school these days, want to be millionaires in months. They are desperate enough to make any human ritual sacrifice in order to achieve their aim.

Girls count it nothing to sell their honor and consciences for money, usually their lives too. These indeed are perilous times. All these societal evils prove that the scriptures are true and that the end is near. The need of the hour is to stand against these social evils. However, it will never be enough to sit in our cozy rooms on our laptops or computers and attempt to fight the battles through social media. Nevertheless, all these things happen due to lack of value based education.

At this juncture educational institutions can play an important role by creating awareness and better environment. Education the important tool urges us to think and make sense of the world by differentiating between good and bad.

NGO’s, social, religious and cultural organisations must fight social evils and injustice. Last but not least law enforcing agencies must continue their efforts and emphasized the need for constant vigilance, prompt action and proactive measures for safety and welfare of society. Let’s strive to build a New India that will be absolutely free from all these evils and crimes.

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