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AAYA workers can help uplift education sector

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By: Ghulam Hassan Bhat

Attaining one important goal of SDG’s, educational scenario across the India is now touching new heights. Under NEP-2020 a wave of change is ubiquitous and reflexive and heutagogy model of teaching is taking place replacing monologue system of education.

UT of J&K is also achieving higher rungs under the Lieutenant Governor and able leadership and guidance of all the education department officer hierarchy. Several revolutionizing efforts have been taken so far to fulfill the dream of holistic education for holistic development.

Be it imparting trainings to teachers, establishment of Kinder gardens, Atal labs, Smart classrooms, ICT labs, STEER Mentorship, Online Teacher attendance and now engagement of AAYA workers.

Aaya/Helpers recruitment in education sector of UT J&K is indeed a great step for holistic development of our young children. This engagement is primarily to support and care the children in the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE). One exigent responsibility of these new recruited AAYA/helpers is to assist in the students overall development, including promotion of cleanliness, developing hygienic practices among students, safety and security during school hours, helping CWSN children and more importantly providing children with fostering environment to make the students feel enjoyable.

AAYA helpers are indeed a unique initiative undertaken by dept of education for upliftment and upbringing of school going children, to socialize them in every aspect and also to inculcate different good etiquettes of life. These helpers shall bring positive change in education sector if they work under proper rule and regulations.

This mega initiative shall have enduring better repercussions to make education system more robust and engaging. One of the great virtues of this process is to reduce the burden of teaching staff faculties and spare them for teaching learning process which is of utmost importance.

This initiative will also increase girl student enrollment in govt run schools which of course an astonishing accomplishment.  The trust deficit of some community members shall also get ceased and parents and general public may act as responsible stake holders of our educational institutions. The ultimate beauty of this recruitment process is engaging only female helpers having minimum 8th standard and living under below poverty line which indicates the positive social inclusion in society.

AAYA helpers may definitely boost the student’s academic morale by sharing their grief, sorrow and happiness as well. It will create wonders in terms of discipline and promotion of co curricular activities among the students. Although, engagement process of this recruitment has already been done but some other important steps are need to be taken for successful functioning of these AAYA workers to get the actual desired results.

  1. Basic Training: Before starting their work in the dept there should be a full training course for these helpers to work with enthusiasm and vehemence.
  2. Clear cut guidelines: There should be proper rules and regulation to work for these helpers and other head of the institutions to work under proper procedure for the welfare of the students.
  3. Proper Job policy: To bring a positive change in education sector through these helpers, it is necessary to give them a sense of responsibility and own them by making their services on permanent basis rather to excommunicate them after completion of academic seasons.

Change never comes overnight; it takes time and need good policy and planning to bring constructive changes in any public or private sector. It is great beginning to employ young females into educational fold. There is urgent need of some other good initiative to be taken on priority.

Wage hike for Cook cum Helpers would be decisive step and great humanitarian concern for the thousands of hardworking females cooking meals assiduously for the students. Furthermore, it would be a rejuvenating effort to engage separate clerical staff for every govt school to spare teaching officials from doing non academic assignments in the schools. Proper job policy for already working thousands of contingent workers (sweepers) who are working since decades, but unpaid till now. If done so, there will be a significant change in our education system.

(The author is a Govt Teacher and a Resource Person)

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