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Jealousy hurts the soul

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By: Peer Mohammad Amir Qureshi

Jealousy is a robust feeling or destructive emotion of unhappiness towards a person which typically accompany the emotions of resentment, anger, hostility, inadequacy, bitterness and humiliation.

Jealousy or envy strikes all the age groups and genders. Jealousy is also called Hasad which is an inevitable approach of self destruction which one could depict from the very Hadith of Our Beloved Prophet (PBUH) who said “beware of jealousy; for verily it destroys good deeds, the way fire destroys the wood”.

A person gets jealous from other person as he couldn’t endure the blessings of Almighty Allah to that person whether it is in the form of wealth, knowledge, fame or respect in the society. Jealousy is actually the disease of heart and soul.

An envious or jealous person often backbites and lies in order to spit the venom against the person whom he is being jealous or envious off so that other people would also be abhorrent to that person.

Jealousy (Hasad) is seen in all age teams and genders and is of various types which include rational jealousy, family jealousy, romantic jealousy, power jealousy and sexual jealousy as well.Jealousy is totally unacceptable and forbidden in Islam. It is not solely a sin but it can change a person to evil as happened with Satan who once was among the prominent Angels of Almighty.

Studies from round the world have reported that men are more jealous of sexual infidelity than emotional infidelity “And women are the opposite — they’re more jealous of emotional cheating than sexual cheating.”

Scientifically it has proven that jealousy is not only harmful for soul and heart but it’s harmful for health as well. According to Dr. Gonzalez-Berrios, the following symptoms occurs when jealousy (Hasad)arises which include stomach aches, headaches, chestpain, high blood pressure, palpitations in extreme anxiety, insomnia, poor appetite and weakened immunity as well.

The jealous people often criticize, find fault, blame or sometimes verbally abuse whom they are envious with. Jealousy has always been a motivation for crimes including murders as well.

According to the perspective of Islam there’s no way of being jealous with anyone except two conditions which our Noble Prophet mentioned in a beautiful and adequate manner “There is to be no envy except in two cases: (towards) a person whom Allah has granted wisdom, and who rules by this and teaches it to the people, and (towards) a person whom Allah has granted wealth and property along with the power to spend it in the cause of the Truth.” [Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

Jealousy hasn’t any cure, no doctor could cure jealousy except Allah. Be always thankful to Almighty Allah in whatsoever he has bestowed you with. Always be happy for other people and pray to Almighty Allah to endure also us as he has vouchsafed other whom we are envied with.

A jealous person would never get success in life. He can’t achieve his goal. If you are being jealous of your co staff or partner there’s an unhealthy element of competition which shall be eliminated.

Always be dedicated to your work and try to accomplish your goals without having insecurities from the co workers that someone would entitle your right. Almighty Allah said in the Quran “Do they envy others for the bounty that Allah has bestowed upon them?”(AlQuran 4:54).May Almighty Allah lead us to the pertinacious path and keep us away from all bad deeds.

“Saanpu ke Muqadar Mai Who Zehar Kahan

Jo Insaana adawat main ughalte hain”

(The author is pursuing a degree in biological sciences)


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