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Importance of Teacher-Student relationships

Importance of Teacher-Student relationships
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By: Mohammad Nadeem

There is very useful information for those who need to know the importance of the teacher-student relationship. Here you will find the ways how to build a positive and supportive teacher-student relationship.

The relationship between a teacher and his students is one of the most influential factors in a learning environment. This is a key element affecting students’ progress, engagement of school and academic motivation, a teacher-student relationship from the basis of the social context also.

Interactions between teacher and student are not only affected by many factors like gender but in turn, also affect behaviour and academic outcomes of students.

The Importance of Teacher-Student Relationships

Positive and supportive relationships between students and teacher ultimately increase an intelligence of belonging and motivate students to willingly take part in different classroom activities.

It is very important that the interaction between a teacher and his student should be supportive of the learning environment. The relationship between teacher and student has been found to have immense effects on learning and schooling experience of the student.

An educator should plan to enhance their communications with students to allow for quality learning.

If the relationship between teacher and student is positive, it has several benefits at all levels of an educational establishment, inside the classroom and across the whole school environment.

There are a number of advantages from increased engagement to the self-esteem of establishing a positive teacher-student relationship between instructors and pupils of all age groups.

The presence of positive student-teacher interactions alone does not change to academic success, but learners that create a strong bond with their tutor to perform better than those learners who have some conflict with their teachers.

Teachers can help in improving the academic success of the students by expressing confident expectations for every student, giving students similar opportunities to take part in class discussion and motivate students that they are self-confident in their ability to get success when it comes to their homework or coursework.

Benefits of positive Teacher-student relationship

A healthy and positive relationship between students and teachers can be enormously favourable at all stages of an educational institution, inside the classroom and across the whole school environment. A positive relationship between continues to develop, its benefits not only teachers and students but also parents and administrators as well. It-

Promotes Academic Success- the presence of positive and supportive relationships alone does not get an academic success, but students that create a strong bond with their teacher do perform better than students whose behaviour with their teachers have some conflict.

Helps to develop self-worth-positive teacher-student relationships are beneficial for students, especially for those students with learning difficulties and with low economic status.

Professional Growth-one primary benefit of a healthy student-teacher relationship is that the teachers work to improve their interpersonal and professional skills.

Methods to improve teacher-student relationships

Provide structure- A mainstream of the students responds well to a structured environment. So, teachers should elucidate clear expectations to their students. Rules and regulations must be followed and continuously reinforced.

Teach with enthusiasm and passion-teachers should teach the students with enthusiasm and passion. It will help to create a positive learning environment in the class. Effective educators are those who have the skill to get the best out of all students in their class. Evolving the positive student-teacher relationship is the basic factor of quality education and student learning.

Display a positive attitude-Positive attitude promotes a sense of belonging and encourages learners to take part cooperatively in study activities. Where students are not constrained by the fear of failure, it will enhance confidence level to do experiments. Teachers should help the students with inspiration and set the objective and in turn to them for guidance.

Make learning fun-fun learning helps to build a good relationship between students and teachers.

Treat students with admiration-teachers should treat students with admiration. It is true that a teacher who respects their students will get more respect from their students.

It will take a significant time and effort to build a positive relationship teacher-student but it will be beneficial for both students and teachers. It is clear that there are many noteworthy benefits of good student-teacher relationships.

(The author teaches Chemistry at REMS)

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