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The sound of silence

The sound of silence
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By: Mir Aunisa

Silence in genuine and authentic sense means when you choose not to reveal or express your emotions, your feelings, your pain etc. Silence is such a word which is usually taken in negative sense but in reality it possesses both positive and negative part.

When you choose to be silent that doesn’t mean you are empty and idle inside, but silence is always full of millions of queries, thoughts, emotions etc. When you ponder that your words will not be understood or when you reflect that expressing yourself is of no worth and you would not be acknowledged by your words .You choose to remain silent  when you believe that your words are not dignitary to be puffed out.

In my sense silence is much exceptional and superior than words. In corporeality squeamish words which you blow out from your mouth may shatter someone’s heart or may mortify them ineptly.

Words are so mighty that these can demolish something within nano seconds and also have mightiness to bring new branches of contentment in your hearts. Someone has rightly said “Words can both make you or break you.” If words are so powerful to break down people’s heart, their courage, their hope then I think it is better to remain silent.

Silence and our religion

In our religion silence has been embraced by our Creator and His Messenger (pbuh). Both isolation and silence can be most beneficial.

Ibn Taymiyah said: “At times, it is necessary for the worshipper to be isolated from others in order to pray, remember Allah, recite the Quran and evaluate himself and his deeds. Also, isolation and silence allows one to supplicate, seek forgiveness, stay away from evil and so on “.

During the periods of silence, one is able to delve deep into a sea of ideas and concepts. When a person is alone and silent, he has nothing to do for showing of, since none but Allah hears him. Those individuals who generally remain silent are not unworthy and empty, but they choose silence as their weapon.

Silence and technology

In the hustle and bustle of this world, our minds and souls have become fed up and at this stage silence is a fount and source of tranquility. You get attached with your soul when you accompany yourself with silence.

Silence relaxes your body as well as your Soul. In this modern world, with the improvement in technology, machines every man made thing have pros and cons and one of the con in Slang is (it is noisy).

Nowadays around 70% of people are in search of peace, peace of mind has become the most expensive thing in this world. In this Buzz world with lot of development in Artificial Intelligence, people have lost their peace of conscience and that peace lies in silence and calmness, and that peace and tranquility lies in Nature.

Nature carries silence and it is above all. Nature is inclination of love, it is source of peace because it is full of Silence and Calmness. When you become braced off with this world and at that time nature is the only and the best healer. When you think your words will not be understood then silence is the best answer.

It is better to remain silent instead of exhaling those words which may ruin something and this quote fits here (Be Silent or let your words be worth more than Silence).

Individuals best companion are books and it is not feasible to read and seek knowledge from the  book  until there is seclusion and silence around you. And also we get morally connected with our Lord in silence and seclusion.

When we pray lonely and in silence, we are able to build a strong bond with our Lord.

Some people talk pitilessly when they get annoyed with something and with the elapse of time they wish, they wouldn’t have ejected such words but at that time it is of no use to think about that.

It is righty said that (think before you Speak) because words carry such a power which can put forests into fire and deserts into orchard of flowers. This thing also indicates and propels us to think that silence is the better option.

Silence gives you the power and space to think about your circumstances. Silence is such a gift from Allah through which we can connect with Him. Sometimes you find paucity of words to express yourself, at that time only Silence can accompany you and also in your loneliness silence hold your hand to think.

Night and silence

Silence during night carry such a tranquility and peace. Night is calm and beautiful due to presence of silence. Silence gives you composure from the uproar of this world.

Silence screams more than mouth could ever do. It has also been said by Neitzsche “I hate someone who steals my loneliness from me without offering me real companionship in return”. So it also indicates that sometimes loneliness and silence become your best companions . Silence is such a thing when you talk without speaking.

I believe silence is luxurious and precious. It gives you power to introspect yourself . Wherever there is Violence and chaos, there is obviously disturbance.

Silence in negative sense

Earlier I mentioned positives of silence and now I would love to express some negatives of silence. Sometimes silence leads to destruction of families, communities etc. Sometimes it is not worthy to be silent, if somebody oppresses you, at that time you should not remain silent. When people take you in wrong way at that time, you have to express yourself in order to clear the chaos.

Especially for those people who are depressed, for them silence is disastrous and destructive. They need to express themselves; they need to talk to someone. If they will remain silent, that will have very bad consequences.

Sometimes incommunicability becomes the cause of most destructive happenings around us.

(The author is pursuing PG in Economics)



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