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Happy Teachers Day

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By: Eijaz Mir

This literary piece is dedicated to my Best Teacher, who poured inside me the sweetest nectar of knowledge, adorned and illuminated me with the golden words of wisdom. It would not have been possible without your contribution. Whatever I am today, it is all because of your love, dedication, honesty, contribution & whatnot. You are the inspiration to me forever.

Let me pen down something special for you on this auspicious occasion of Teacher’s Day.

Allah bless you my inspiration!

There was a pin drop silence in the classroom, as he entered with a great impression. A young energetic bachelor wearing grey pant and long black coloured coat. The half hearted smile, eyes shining with truthfulness, peace and calmness on his face makes him altogether a different but dynamic personality.

At first sight, he became my favourite teacher and an inspiration. His introduction in the classroom and the way he spoke about his past experiences as a senior teacher really touched my heart and soul. This enthralled me and illuminated inside me a new ray of hope for learning.

His presence reminded me of a great quote, “An ordinary teacher tells, a good teacher teaches and an extraordinary teacher inspires.”

Every single day, he taught us new but real life lessons. His honesty, dedication, purity in thoughts, an unending orating skills and motivation started to groom & inspire me. In real sense, i began to smell the triumph that was previously a mere dream for my lost career. He was not just a teacher, a mentor or a guide, but the role model for thousands of students.

To my utter surprise, his teaching career was a milestone and we were the followers of his sacred & pious mission. Due to his presence in the school, we have always tasted of being happy souls. He did not teach us but prepared us physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. His presence of mind, IQ, EQ, behavioural aspects and the role played was ultimate. That is how I came to know the real traits of an extraordinary teacher.

The contribution of our teachers is awesome and we can’t repay them. Day by day, I started to learn to penetrate deep inside me and nature. The introverted soul turned extroverted. I learned the psychological, physiological and behavioral aspects as wells as rational maturity.

The essence of his teaching was overpowered with perfection. This poured inside me the sweet drops of unending motivation and I began to achieve the feats in academics. Now, I feel curious about my future and career. He was not the ordinary person for me. He was different and unique in all aspects, whether his teaching skills or behaviour. In other words, I started to call him the soul of the other planet, as he carved a raw material into a polished finished product.

Teachers shape us, they guide us, they give us new but concrete directions and they lift us high. That is why, they are our spiritual parents. All the professions are incomplete and obsolete without the profession of a teacher.

The status of a teacher is unrevealed, his role majestic and unbelievable too. His existence is not less than a salvation for the society. We can’t take him out from the equation. If we try to do so, the better society will turn into garbage.

We prevail civic sense only due to the contribution of our teachers. They turn rubble into a gem & savage into cultured. Our survival is incomplete without them. Our character has no meaning without them. We are aimless and emotionless without them. They are our real heroes and we owe them everything. We can’t repay them in any form. They are our role models.

(The writer is a freelancer)

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