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H&H Deptt hold talks with Ladakh Admin for finalising modalities

H&H Deptt hold talks with Ladakh Admin for finalising modalities
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Procurement of Pashmina wool

SRINAGAR: Pursuant to the sanction of setting up of the Pashmina Wool Bank under Pashmina Wool Development Scheme (PWDS), Director, Handicrafts and Handloom (H&H) Kashmir held several meetings with the officers from the UnionTerritory of Ladakh to finalize the modalities for bulk procurement of raw Pashmina wool.

The Director, Handicrafts and Handloom, Kashmir was on a 3-day official visit to Ladakh wherein he met different stakeholders including the high rung officers of Ladakh administration in order to devise a viable framework for the procurement of raw Pashmina wool from the breeders of Ladakh.

Several meetings in this regard were held to discuss the preliminary modalities in order to create a viable and sustainable procurement plan for bulk raw Pashmina at suitable prices. There was an elaborate discussion about the socio-economic importance of the Pashmina wool for both the regions and creating long term sustainable forward and backward linkages.

It was stated that the aim of the project is to recognize the economic and cultural importance of Pashmina in providing livelihood opportunities to the lakhs of breeders, artisans and traders across Kashmir and Ladakh regions.

The Director H&H, Kashmir gave a detailed briefing to the concerned officers from UT of Ladakh and explained that the initiative aims to provide critical marketing support for stakeholders associated with the production and processing of Pashmina wool by making it readily available at standard prices.

It was said that the proposed Pashmina Wool Bank is expected to ensure adequate availability of graded Pashmina wool for the weavers and artisan community in Kashmir and shall also help to restructure the Pashmina wool sector to make it more viable and competitive.

Moreover, it was unanimously agreed by all the officers that the administrations of both the Union Territories’ must work together in convergence with the aid of the local stakeholders in order to safeguard and promote this ancient craft and restore it to its pristine glory.

In this direction Craft Development Institute, Srinagar under the aegis of H&H, Kashmir shall shortly sign a tripartite MoU with the Directorate of Industries & Commerce, Ladakh and Directorate of Handicrafts, Ladakh.

The Director H&H, Kashmir had a detailed meeting with the officers of Sheep Husbandry Department, UT of Ladakh. During the course of the meeting, deliberations were held with regard to establishment of Pashmina Raw Wool Bank at CDI Kashmir as also backward/forward linkage with the Pashmina Goat Herders Community and other stakeholders alike.

The Director H&H, Kashmir along with the officers from the Ladakh administration also paid a visit to the Pashmina Goat Rearing Centre Upshi and explored the possibilities of chalking out a procurement and logistics plan for the transportation of raw Pashmina to Kashmir.

During his visit the Director H&H, Kashmir called upon the Divisional Commissioner, UT of Ladakh, Secretary Industries and Commerce Department, UT of Ladakh, Director, Handicrafts Department, UT of Ladakh, besides other concerned officers from Ladakh Administration.

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