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Healthcare needs being addressed

Healthcare needs being addressed
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Healthcare facilities for the common masses determine the achievements of various governments especially when we talk about the third world or developing nations.

In a place like Jammu and Kashmir the healthcare sector, though managing to provide quality services to the people still remains to achieve a higher bench mark. Right now the infrastructure in the health care sector is witnessing lot of investments and likewise the availability of healthcare facilities too are being looked into so that they reach the masses with ease.

One such scheme or facility that is bound to provide relief to the common man is the Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB PM-JAY)-SEHAT scheme which is being pursued to reach within the reach of every being in the UT.

For ensuring (AB PM-JAY)-SEHAT scheme’s reach the government has developed online facility for the citizens through which they can register for and later download their golden cards at the comfort of their homes. This has been done to achieve 100 percent saturation of Golden cards.

The initiative has been taken to ensure all the citizens get golden cards which provide five lakh health insurance cover. Notably, State Health Agency (SHA) recently rolled out an ambitious door-to-door exercise to achieve 100 percent saturation under the Ayushman Bharat PMJAY SEHAT scheme by the end of August month. Under the initiative of ‘Gaon Gaon Ayushman, State Health Agency (SHA) has also started ’ to reach out to even last mile villages which remain cut off from the rest of the world due to adverse weather conditions so as to percolate the benefits of the scheme down to every beneficiary.

Recently, officials had directed for launching result oriented door- to -door campaign in all areas of J&K to achieve 100 percent saturation by end of August this year.

Interestingly, the (AB PM-JAY)-SEHAT scheme has crossed a major milestone of providing 5 lakh free treatments to the citizens of J&K UT recently. This Scheme has become a ray of hope for poor families who couldn’t afford health treatment at high-end medical institutes of the country.

The cost of medical treatment has risen quite exponentially across the country and a common man whose life is stressed by securing other facilities for his survival is finding it hard to meet his healthcare needs.

Under such circumstances the (AB PM-JAY)-SEHAT scheme and getting a golden card to register for the scheme needs to be pursued with real zeal by the administration so that the entire population is covered under this scheme.

The providing of benefits for the people under this scheme will ensure that health benchmarks witness an increase and we are able to establish a health society.

Health initiatives for the residents in Jammu and Kashmir have been pending for long now and the efforts done presently will help the people to relish the fruits of development and care.

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