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Agricultural exports will help

Agricultural exports will help
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Jammu and Kashmir has the distinction of producing several agricultural outputs that has got tremendous fame and acceptance across the globe. Be it the precious Saffron or the other horticultural produce lot of products are produced here which can promote our trade and help the region earn handsome foreign revenge as well.

Since there was no clear cut policy on various such aspects the decision of the government to constitute an expert committee to formulate a comprehensive Export Promotion Policy for identified potential exportable agricultural commodities is a welcome step.

The primary assignment of the committee would be to develop commodity specific export promotion recommendations which inter alia shall include strategic and operational aspects of the export. Besides, it shall provide all necessary technical inputs to Agriculture Production Department within a set timeline of one month for finalization and implementation on ground.

The main objective of the Export Promotion Policy would be to increase annual agricultural exports from current ₹190 crore to ₹3000 crore over next 5 years. Besides, the policy would promote brand J&K for its pristine agro-climatic conditions, uniqueness and near organic quality. It would also diversify the UT export base and thereby empower farmers with adequate export opportunities. The policy would create an ambient ecosystem for export agricultural commodities from J&K.

Jammu and Kashmir having a vast product base owing to its different climates at various locations can create a unique brand for its products and this policy will in turn help the region to overcome the issue of employment generation as well.

Jammu and Kashmir needs a paradigm shift in the approach from mere harvesting and selling of produce at local level to a demand driven supply activity with focussed attention on GI tagging, processing, stringent quality control, international certifications, traceability, branding and marketing of the produce.

The diverse agro climatic conditions here have resulted in development of niche crops offering adoption of holistic approach for promotion of agricultural exports. This shall help the growers in finding post-harvest solutions at better prices within or near the production belt.

Furthermore, the document inter alia shall also focus on market access initiative through assistance by Export Promotion Organizations, Trade Promotion Organizations, National Level Institutions, Research Institutions, Universities, Laboratories and Exporters etcetera for enhancement of exports by accessing new markets or by increasing the share in the existing markets.

Notably, the implementation of Export Promotion Policy shall accelerate the pace of achieving a vibrant and commercially viable agriculture by harvesting the competitive advantage of J&Ks geo-climatic diversity to the fullest.

Besides, this will monetize agricultural produce through export promotion and shall add a new dimension to the agricultural economy. The move can prove a game changer and can prove an example for other states to follow.


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