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The damage continues

The damage continues
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Polythene continues to play havoc with our environment. Though banned at most of the places people and even traders continue to use this environmental hazard for their shopping and other needs.

Ironically, we produce nearly 280 million tonnes of plastic every year which spoils the environment, harms marine life and other ecosystems. As the world’s population migrates to cities, the bleak reality of climate change becomes increasingly evident and the need to create sustainable communities becomes paramount.

During the recently held conclave on climate change in Egypt the UN chief minced no words in explaining that countries need to act fast to avoid a major catastrophe in near future.

Destruction of forests is taking place at a massive rate as the need or forest based produce is increasing with every passing day. Though we commit ourselves to the alternates that could otherwise be made available for our use but the assertions prove hallow at the end of the day.

It is estimated that plants can hold a large mass of water in their roots. But are we showing any regard to the wanton loot of forest wealth. Are we committing ourselves to plant more and more trees so that the damages can be minimized?

The loss of tree cover to make furniture would have a more severe impact on the environment than the use of plastics. More research needs to be done on using plastic waste for productive purposes.

Plastic is widely used in our day to day life. Starting from a pen to a polythene bag in which we carry fruits and books are other essentials. Plastic bags are nothing but a product of laziness and poor planning. They find their origin in a variety of places. Non-grocery retail stores and restaurants are significant contributors, but there is no greater impact than the plastic bag waste that is generated by grocery stores.

The widespread use of plastic carry bags undoubtedly poses a serious problem. With global warming on the rise, we have to do every bit that we can to save the environment. The major chemicals that go into the making of plastic are highly toxic and pose a serious threat to living beings of all species on the earth.

While there should be a strict ban on plastics, considering its ill-effects on the human beings and the environment, people should desist from accepting material in polythene bags.

It is the moral duty of people to refrain from using plastic bags. While educating people on the need to shun plastic, we also need to make available cheaper, safer, durable alternatives for them. Cloth and jute bags need to be attractively priced and easily available. Authorities alone cannot be blamed for the plastic pollution.

Apart from working on the plan a massive awareness schedule needs to be put in place in schools so that children are taught at the young age about the harmful impact of plastic and other such materials. This effort will help in minimizing the use of plastic in coming years.

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