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A spiritual guide: Hazrat Mir Syed Mohammad Hussain Simnani (RA)

A spiritual guide: Hazrat Mir Syed Mohammad Hussain Simnani (RA)
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By: Rayees Ahmad Kumar

Kashmir, because of its pleasant climate and resplendent beauty is famous all over the globe. Tourists and visitors from each corner of the globe throng to this part of planet during all the four seasons of the year. Litterateurs, writers and poets have left no stone unturned to describe the scenic beauty of valley. Firdousi has even went on to say “agar firdous bar roye zamin ast, Hamein asto hamein asto hamein ast” If there is paradise on earth, it is here it is here it is here.

Apart from the splendiferous beauty and habitable climate, valley is also the abode of hundreds of God fearing saints who have come from distant lands to preach noble teaching of Islam the religion of truth and peace.

Among those who came here to preach Islamic teachings, Syed Abdul Rehman Bulbul was the first one who came from Turkistan. But the significant contribution for Islamisation of people of valley is of Hazrat Mir Syed Ali Hamadani (RA). He came thrice to acquaint people about the noble Islamic teachings.

It is in view of his tremendous contribution that he is regarded as the Bani e Islam of Kashmir. However, among those hundreds of missionaries who accompanied Mir Syed Ali Hamadani (RA) to propagate Islam was Mir Syed Mohammed Hussain Simnani (RA) who gave a big boost to conversion of people of valley to Islam.

Mir Syed Mohammed Hussain Simnani (RA) came from Simnan Iran central Asia during medieval period only for the task of Islamisation of valley. Syed Hussain Simnani (RA) traces his genealogy to the Prophet (SAW) through his grandson Imami Hussain (RA) and being 16th in direct descent from Hazrat Ali (RA).

Syed Hussain Simnani (RA) was the cousin of Mir Syed Ali Hamadani (RA) and younger brother of Syed Tajuddin Hamadani (RA) whose mausoleum is at Nowhatta Srinagar. Mir Syed Ali Hamadani (RA) had deputed the brothers ie Syed Hussain Simnani and Syed Tajjudin to valley during sultan Shahabudin’s period.

Later on sultan Shahabudin also became the follower of Mir Syed Hussain Simnani (RA). While travelling in Kashmir Syed Hussain Simnani came to Kulgam and liked a spot on the banks of river Vishev and made it a permanent abode. The role of Mir Syed Hussain Simnani (RA) for the propagation of Islam is tremendous which can’t be undermined.

So if Mir Syed Ali Hamadani (RA) is called the Shahi Hamadan, Mir Syed Hussain Simnani (RA) too is Shahi Siminan. Syed Hussain Simnani (RA) was a great personality as an abstainer, pious, aarif billah, equipped with miracles and spiritual powers.

Kulgam got its name by Syed Hussain Simnani (RA) earlier it was Shampora. Hazrat Sheikh Noor Din Noorani’s father Salar Sanz embraced Islam at the hands of Mir Syed Hussain Simnani and Sheikh Noor din Noorani’s marriage with Sidra Mouj was too solemnized by him.

Sheikh Noor Din Noorani (RA) calls Mir Syed Hussain Simnani (RA) the spiritual guide of his father. He also holds the title of Governor e Mulki Kashmir. He is the Syed u Sadaat. Syed Hussain Simnani (RA) said good-by to his domicile place Simnan as he had three times the glimpse of Prophet (SAW) in dreams directing him to travel to India. From Simnan he travelled to Multan, here he met Shah Rukhudin Multani and received allegiance( biate) from him.

Feroze Taguluk the king of Delhi invited Syed Hussain Simnani (RA) to Delhi where he stayed and guided people to the right path. In 1351 Syed Simnani went to perform Haj. There, he again had the vision of Prophet (SAW) in dream directing him to travel to Kashmir.

He was also informed about the birth of a great saint Sheikh Noor Din Noorani and his name was also suggested. Further he was directed for the spiritual training of revered saint. Syed Hussain Simnani (RA) arrived in Kashmir in 760 AH along with his brothers, other relatives and a group of Syeds and made Kulgam the centre of dawah activities.

In the Shahi Simnan’s gatherings of preaching, the great nobles of Kashmir would be attending. He was the chief guide of nobles and sultans of this place. He introduced Lalla Ded with the intricacies of true Kalimah and trained Sheikh Noor din in his mental and spiritual education.

After fourteen years of preaching, Syed Hussain Simnani (RA) invited his own cousin-brother Amiri Kabir Mir Syed Ali Hamadani (RA) in 774 AH to Kashmir which reflects his broader vision and foresight. Mir Syed Hussain Simnani (RA) remained all-along very busy in convincing Sanyasis, Magicians, and Rishis. Some got impressed by his dialogue, others by his miracles and some by his spiritual powers. The destiny of most people, changed by his vision.

Syed Hussain Simnani (RA) left this mortal world on 11th of Shaban 792 AH during the reign of Sultan Sikandar. He is buried at the place which he had found fascinating ie Kulgam. The family of Syed u Sadaat is buried in the nearby village called Amnoo of Kulgam district.

(The author is a columnist and hails from Qazigund Kashmir)


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