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Death is not the end of life!

Death is not the end of life!
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By: Haroon Ibn Rasheed

Death is an inescapable fact. No one can escape from death and no one can deny it. There are people in the world who deny reward and punishment, deny heaven and hell, but there is no one who denies death.

This is a fact that man observes with his two eyes day and night in his neighborhood and in the streets. Allah says in the Qur’an, “So say death, the one you run away from, it will surely meet you, then you You will be turned away. (Surah Al-Jumu’ah).

This statement of God shows that no one can escape from death and no one will escape from the punishment of what he has done. The respite life given to man is a very short period of life.

This age is mortal, the age is decadent and man has to leave this world in any case.

The real truth is that the love and sweetness of the mortal world has ensnared the greedy man in his snares to such an extent that he has forgotten the grave and the hereafter and even the Day of Judgement. A man was walking in the forest, he saw a tiger coming after him. He started running away in fear. When he got tired, he saw a pitcher ahead.

Now the fear of the dragon ahead and the fear of the lion behind.

Meanwhile, he saw a branch of a tree and climbed on it. But it was found that two black and white rats are cutting the roots of this tree.

I was very afraid that soon the roots of the tree will be cut and then I will fall and later I will become a victim of lion and dragon. Suddenly, he saw a roof of honey on top and he was so engrossed in getting and drinking honey that he was not afraid of the lion or the danger of the dragon. That suddenly the roots of the tree were cut and this person fell down, then the lion tore it and dropped it into the pit and it went into the mouth of the dragon. In this example, the forest refers to the world and the lion is death that follows a person and the pitcher is presented as a grave.

What is ahead of man, and the dragon is evil deeds, that it will die in the grave, and two mice are black and white day and night, the tree is like age, and the roof of honey is the oblivious pleasure of the mortal world, that man is concerned about death.

The grave and accountability become oblivious to everything, and then when death comes, nothing goes with it except regret and regret, so a person should consider the short period of life as a trust from Allah and do righteous deeds. He should save his grave and prepare to give a positive answer for his actions. Life is very short. After all, man has to leave this mortal world. The first destination after death will be the grave.

The grave will be narrow for the rebels. In fact, what keeps people away from these important realities is the weakness of faith.

If the faith is firm, then the attraction towards righteous deeds increases, and when the deeds are righteous, then a person is not afraid of dying because he knows that he has to meet his true Lord and enjoy His blessings.

This belief is born in a person only when there is fear of God and love for the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). In today’s materialistic world, only those people will be attracted to Islam who have a strong conscience and who understand Islamic values.

Such people neither despair of Allah’s mercy nor teach others to despair.

Because they have understood the reality of life and these people are also aware of the real reality of death.

Even in today’s material age, the popular and beloved servants of Allah are engaged in this effort so that the call of truth reaches the servants of Allah and people understand the reality of this world and the hereafter, and this chain is unstoppable. Scholars of the truth will continue to come in the Ummah and their work will be that they will try to make the people understand the truth.

It is clear that preaching is an important and sacred mission.

It is the responsibility of every Muslim to publicize the Da’wa-Haq, and the salvation of human beings lies in accepting the Da’wa-deen. So we should understand the real reality of life and also try to understand the life after death.

According to Iqbal Rahmatullah Alaih….,

Mout Ko Samjhe Hain Ghafil Ikhtitam-e-Zindagi ,

Ye Sham-e-Zindagi Subah-e-Dawam-e-Zindagi

“The imprudent ones consider death is the end of life…,,,

This apparent evening of life is the morning of perpetual life! ”

(The author is a P.G student and hails from Sheikhpora Haril Handwara)

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