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DM Jammu issues regulatory orders for sale of Firecrackers

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JAMMU: The district Magistrate Jammu on Thursday ordered that no fireworks, crackers or explosive material shall be stored or sold in any place other than those specified by the DM office for the areas within Jammu Municipal Limits (JML) and by the respective SDMs and Tehsildars for the areas outside JML in Jammu district.

The order was issued in exercise of the powers vested under section 144 Cr.Pc in the DM.

“Stalls for sale of fireworks, crackers etc, shall be put by concerned dealers only at places mentioned in their permissions after getting clearance from the deputy director fire services, Police, municipal and revenue authorities,” the order reads.

The maximum amount of explosives which may be kept at any particular time at licensed premises shall not exceed the quantity given in class 7 Div. 2, Sub Division II of the explosive rules SCIV, it reads.

“Electrical fittings in the premises shall be affixed properly, without any loose wires,” the order reads, adding that one CFL tube shall be installed in the close vicinity of the stock of the explosives for proper illumination of the area.

The DM Jammu ordered that no person under 18 years of age or who is in the state of intoxication or of unsound mind shall be employed for loading or unloading and transportation of explosives or be allowed to enter in the licensed premises.

“Explosives which are not authorized under rules or prohibited under section 6(A) of Act shall not be possessed or sold from the premises,” the order reads.

Chocolate Bomb, Chain cracker, (Kali Pataka, Loose Cracker) Dhani Pataka, Dodoma, Seven Shots, Rocket Bomb, Garlant Patakas, Stat Bomb etc, shall not be allowed to be sold by any wholesale cracker dealers and retail cracker dealers in the district to curb noise pollution, the order reads.

“Imported fireworks containing sensitive chemical substances which are not permitted under Indian statute and also do not comply with the Indian Noise Level Standards shall not be sold by wholesale cracker dealer/ Retailer,” the order reads.

It reads that no retail sale of crackers or other fireworks shall be undertaken by any authorized person at his shop/premises after the Diwali Festival.

“Crackers and other explosive material shall contain a price tag which shall not be more than the price printed on each explosive,” the order reads, adding that the price printed shall be deemed to include all local taxes even if the printed specifically reads “Local Tax Extra”.

The DM ordered that in case any wholesale or retailer contravenes any of the conditions specified above, the permission granted in his favour shall be cancelled and his stock will be seized as well.

“He shall be liable for prosecution under relevant provisions of law,” the order reads.

The DM Jammu ordered that only green crackers are allowed to be sold as per advisory issued by competent authority.

“This order shall come into force with immediate effect and shall remain in force till November 24 of 2022,” it reads.

The DM further warned that any person, who contravenes the order, shall be liable to be punished in accordance with the provision of section-188 of the IPC.

“Since it is not possible to serve notice to all stakeholders the order is being issued ex-parte,” it reads.

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