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Solar Plant in Palli functioning without glitch

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With many firsts, Panchayat emerges as a model for others to follow

SAMBA: The Palli Panchayat in Jammu and Kashmir’s border district of Samba has become the country’s first Panchayat to adopt several government initiatives including the measures to become carbon neutral Panchayat.
The Panchayat boasts of a 500 KV Solar Power Plant inaugurated by Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi on National Panchayat Day on April 24 this year.
Due to recent intermittent rains in and around district Samba, agricultural fields were water logged due to poor runoff from the surface.
The site of the 500 KW Solar Power Plant, which is surrounded by paddy fields, also got water logged but the functioning of the Solar Plant was not affected as it continues to work normally.
Taking immediate cognizance of accumulation of water at the Solar Plant, the Deputy Commissioner Samba directed for earth leveling to resolve the problem of water-logging.
The wild growth of grass has also been removed.
Also, the teams of Rural Development, Power Development Department, District administration Samba and JAKEDA also visited Palli Panchayat to inspect the condition of the 500 KW Solar Power Plant installed by CEL a Public Sector undertaking under “Gram Urja Swaraj”- a Panchayat owned systems operating model.
The team of JAKEDA officials headed by Additional Secretary, Science & Technology Department informed that the system is fully functional and generating the desired amount of energy which is being fed to the Utility Grid.
The RDD was asked for prompt removal of the unwanted grass etc. from the Site, which has been removed.
The inspection of the Solar Power Plant has revealed that the SPV Panels are maintained in reasonably good structural integrity and no damage is caused to the said SPP.
The Solar Plant is a first of its kind which has been developed as a Pilot Project at Village Palli in District Samba, making it the country’s first Panchayat (village body) on its way to become Carbon Neutral.
The PRIs of Panchayat who were also present at site intimated that land for expansion of the Solar Power Plant has also been identified so that its capacity could be augmented for the benefit of the residents of the Palli Panchayat.
The development of such a grid connected Solar Project in J&K has helped DISCOMs in meeting the Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO) targets set by the Ministry of Power in respect of J&K.
Notably, after the visit of PM during the national PRI conference, Panchayat Palli is fast emerging as a model Panchayat.
District administration is focusing on 100 percent saturation of all major government schemes in the Panchayat.
All landholders in Palli have been issued land passbooks and all the individuals having houses in abadi–deh area have been issued property cards.
The Panchayat is also saturated in Aadhar and Ayushman Sehat and other social security schemes.
The Nokia Smartpur, established in April 2022 during the PRI conference, has become a fountainhead of various citizen centric services.
It is offering services on four verticals via financial inclusion, e governance, digital library, livelihood support.
A calendar of activities has been issued by the district administration which is benefitting not only the inhabitants of Palli but also of adjoining panchayats.
The SHG members are also being trained in digital banking and digital marketing. Students as well as adults are also getting exposure in new fields.
Among many firsts, Palli has also formulated Climate Resilience Plan for making the Panchayat carbon neutral. A detailed survey was conducted for studying carbon emission level and formulation of plan accordingly.
Several important steps have already been undertaken like the planting of 500 plants of guava, lemon, jamun, mango etc and introduction of diversification of crops.
Many other steps as suggested by experts have been incorporated in the plan which will make Palli completely carbon neutral within the next six years.
As part of Mission Amrit Sarovar, a beautiful Amrit Sarovar has been completed at Palli also with the stocking of 10,000 fingerlings to make it a source of income generation for the Panchayat.
Palli also has the distinction of being the first Panchayat in J&K to have an organized well functioning Solid waste management system, including door to door collection of waste, sanctioning and start of six. biogas plants.
Palli also has a beautiful Yog vatika and Nakshatra garden which is open for all inhabitants as well as visitors.
Renovation has also been carried out in Panchayat Ghar, schools and health and Wellness center.
District administration Samba holds regular awareness and developmental activities in Palli Panchayat with the active participation of local inhabitants and elected representatives.

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