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Taming your anger

Taming your anger
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By: Peer Faizan Bashir

My neighbour catches sight of me talking to my friends somewhere. The neighbour reaches his home, and in no time lets my parents in on his version of secret vis-a-vis me and my friends. You know?! Your son is doing this and that. He doesn’t study. Always wasting his time with those guys, the worst guys….bla bla bla. And so on and so forth.

Meanwhile, after having to put up with my father’s rantings, I come to know who’s behind this. My face got blood red and blood ran in my veins at bullet speed. I, however, with much fortitude, decided to chill out. Just cool, dude thing. And a mature think followed afterward.

If I harmed him, what would the results be? And if I made him aware of the situation and of his own psychology, what would the results be? The former demanded my energy to go in the wrong direction: the more I harm him, the more he will harm me. And the latter ‘demanded’ my energy to go in the right direction: the more I speak to him, the more the chances the results would be good enough.

I gave him a holler and made him realise that I wasn’t there doing anything wrong. Just having friendly talks. Like every-body does. Normal. I didn’t forget to put on a smiling face. I didn’t raise my voice even a tad. ‘Was there anything troubling you, Uncle?’ I asked. ‘What compelled you to do that?’ I further asked. You know, getting to his psychology and providing him with the clear picture of what makes him behave like one.

No sooner he saw me speaking to him in ways he hadn’t expected than he apologized.

Had I not put my anger to good use, I would have found myself being the weakest for my inability of ‘using’ my senses rightly and settling the issue, which, in a way, wasn’t an issue at all.

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