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Dangling electric wires, worn-out electric poles pose threat to Khelan residents

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Pulwama: The residents of Khelan area in Pulwama district on Friday complained that the dangling electric wires tied with trees and worn out wooden poles were posing grave threat to the lives of people as well as to their property.
The residents said they were living under constant fear because of low lying electric wires tied with trees and decaying electric poles erected in their village.
“The electric lines touch rooftops of houses and trees on roads which poses risk to life and property. The transmission lines are also erected at a very low height,” a local resident said.
The locals said the PDD department has put the lives of the residents at a risk as the electric lines in their area fall on roads and lawns every second day.
“We have to call PDD field staff on a daily basis to lift the electric lines and clear our lawns and roads,” another resident said.
The locals said they have requested the PDD department to replace the dangling and damaged electric wires and poles several times but they always return disappointed from these offices.
“It seems our pleas are not being heard,” said Ghulam Qadir, a local resident.
He said they took up the issue with the administration during all the three Back to Village programmes initiated by the government.
“But till date, nothing has been done,” he said.
Locals urged the PDD department to look into the matter and provide new electric wire and poles to the village.

Jahangeer Ganaie

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