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Women need protection
Respected Sir,
The gruesome murder of Ankita Bhandari in Uttrakhand for refusing to engage in prostitution in the resort where she worked as a receptionist is highly appalling and enraging.
The administration needs to be ashamed for its sorry state of affairs as it cannot even ensure the safety of an independent woman desiring to work with honesty and with pride and dignity to earn her livelihood. Also, to murder a woman merely because she denies providing unethical favours and prioritizes her amour shows the mental malaise that is rooted in the minds of the criminals who live covertly in the society.
Nationally recognized and state famed politicians in their every second rallies through flowery slogans press on the issue of safety of women in workplaces or anywhere else and strengthen their vote banks.
But these are hardly implemented and ensured at the grass root levels, pointing to the fact that such rhetoric and promises are just eyewash. Until and unless the security issues of women are dealt with iron hands and the judiciary awards exemplary punishments to the offenders, tragedies like one faced by the young receptionist in Uttrakhand will keep on surfacing.
Tushar Anand,
West Bailey Road, Patna, Bihar


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