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The divine pages

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Dr. Mudasir
One usual night, after struggling with the initiation of sleep, my brain got stuck with beautiful dream. There was a beautiful garden which was fenced by all sides with eight gates decorated with name plates meant for entrance.
The garden was supervised by tall, white coloured person with deep eyes resembling the silent ocean. I with a feverish pace tried to get in from one of the gates and brace my existence with colorful blooms.
I waited for it the way a champion waits for the call to lift the trophy up. But to my great astonishment the tall man caught me up and restricted my few steps to enter in. I was fueled with anger for his denying me the right to enter, but at the same time I was ripped with guilt as I was raving anger though he was following someone’s command.
“What is the matter, why you did not allow me to go inside the garden?” I asked in a lilting voice. The person replied me with feeble smile that the place you want to enter is Jannah. If you want the experience of having tranquility and peace inside, you have to run miles and miles under hot sun, face the earthly winds and wild storms. Hearing his words sent shivers down my spine.
“Wouldn’t this all be unbearable?” I asked.
Without saying a word, he handed me a book and wagged his finger towards it. To my amazement, the book was enrolled with golden leaves. My curiosity to grab it had no degree. The moment I got my hands on it, some strange sensation ran through my sternum and amazing excitement filled my heart.
At the same time, tears rolled down from my reddish eyes. In a fraction of second, I embraced it. The moment I embraced it, I won’t be able to explain how tranquility enveloped me inside. On my toes, with shivering hands flipped its cover and started to browse its pages. Was it a call from nature or anything else, I was never able to understand it at that moment. While leafing through, the 9th page of book caught my gaze.
It mentioned some divine truths, like:
1)When you speak say truth. 2) Fulfill the promise you do. 3) Prevent your hand from harming others. After reading these few lines, I was driven helpless. I felt myself nothing more than a living corpse. Because the life I lived till was like a half asleep person. I buried myself in accomplishments. I often exercised like a demon.
In short, the world I had discovered was not all that divine and spiritual. I was so much involved in materialistic things that speaking truth, fulfilling promise and protecting others, I always took them for granted.
Turning the 9th page, 10th one was holding some amazing steps to cross the gate, I was standing at. My tragedy, I hadn’t fulfilled any single guideline yet, I was far below the level of achievement. Still my thirst to enter inside never quenched.
“Is any shortcut to enter inside?” I raised my voice.
“Pay the rules and enter in”, came an instant reply.
“Who formulated such Rules”? I asked
“Owner”, he said
After the brief discussion the tall man faded away. I was not even allowed to feel the breeze. The divine book that man handed me, narrated the inside description of the paradise.
It noted….The garden full of greenery and colours that you can never imagine. There is no bad in it. All the negative feelings are taken out of soul. There is no jealousy, there is no hatred, there are no grudges, there is no depression, there is no anxiety. The inhabitants of jannah will be on thrones with gold and precious stones. They will recline with ease on thrones arranged in ranks. There will go round immortal boy servants to serve them if they were preserved pearls. No dirty, false, evil, vain talk will be heard there nor any sinful speech.
The inhabitants of the paradise would eat there in, they would also drink but they would neither void excrement nor suffer catarrh nor pass water. There eating would be digested in the form of belching and their sweat would be musk aged that would glorify and praise almighty as easily as you breathe. There are breathtaking blossoms, trees and banana trees with fruits piled one above another and provides long extended shades. The fruits are present all the seasons nor they are out of reach. Besides these date palms and pomegranates add its beautiful presence.”
In a moment of exuberance, I opened my eyes and found myself in struggling phase between reality and dream. The last question I asked the person about the worldly version of book of paradise. The answer in simple and lucid way was “The Quran”. I woke up, started performing ablution and went to masjid to offer Salah. Yes Salah the only antidote to spiritual poverty.
(The author is currently working as a Dental Surgeon)


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