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The harvest in my village

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Mushtaq Hurrah

Ripe paddy fields
With hanging stalks
Hustle and bustle of men
Euphonious Cicadas
Sticking to tree trunks
Spreading melody in the air
Fragrant and mellow orchards
Laden with red apples
Dried maize cobs
Scarlet coloured chilies
And different pods of pulses
Collected by women
In the wicker baskets
Carrying on their heads
Bundles of fodder
And the green grass
Carried by the men
On their shoulders
Herds of cows
And flocks of sheep
Driven to green fields
By middle-aged men
And teenage boys
Many men and children
Are seen fishing
In the shallow
Waters of wetland
Women carrying lunch
On their heads
To serve in the fields
Behind the paddy bales
Dried slices of bottle gourds
Tomatoes and brinjals
Walnuts with soft
And white kernels
Are left to get sun-dried
Parodies of Ladishah
And supplications of beggars
Elders giving away
Paddy seeds generously
Now, such scenes
And magnanimous occasions
have become scarce
My village sans
All the beauties
Of the glorious past
Because, we have turned
Modern and new


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