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Allah sides with those who are patient!

Allah sides with those who are patient!
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Mahfooz Ahmad Bakshi
“Son, Soft is the earth, people crush it under their feet, still vibrant flowers grow on it and Hard are the mountains despite their heights, they often break down and get buried under the Earth’s core”. These lines said by my mother helped me to understand numerous things and one among them is “Patience”.
See, during the age of my innocence, I used to believe that being patient means waiting for something or someone for a long time without any grievances, but now the phase of innocence and the phase of infancy has elapsed. I would have forgotten those lines said by my mother, but situations and the changes that occur in my surroundings also the nature itself remind me of them.
Patience is a skill and a quality that is rarely found among human beings nowadays because to master it (Patience) you need a lot of courage. One has to be like that of Earth and let others do whatever they want. It’s not that Earth is weak, no! Earth contains hot lava that can ruin everything but still, it chooses to stay calm, that’s what a man should do.
Calmness, Resistance and being Pacifist, are some synonyms of it (Patience) and one should master these qualities to master patience. Calmness helps you to remain calm in every situation, and remaining calm is most important because a calm mind plans everything better.
Resistance, it makes you stone resistant, sword resistant and discouragement resistant. People throw stones at you but when you will be stone resistant, then you will not get hurt, rather you will enjoy watching them making themselves exhausted and wasting their time. And at last you should be Pacifist, which means if they throw stones at you then you should not throw stones back, rather you should collect those stones and build your empire. So according to me Calmness, Resistance and being a Pacifist helps one to remain Patient to some extent and this also helps me to get out of Misconceptions about patience in a nutshell, I have understood that Patience and Waiting are two different things!
It is the skill that one has to master anyhow, otherwise those who will not master it will die as unknowns because it’s the skill that is needed on the way towards success. The road towards success is long and full of troubles. That’s why patient ones walk on it; others don’t even dare to think about it. Besides this, Patience is a tool as well which helps us to pass the trials with ease given to human beings from Almighty Allah.
Life is a journey, and we all are quite aware about the sufferings that we have to face in the journey, so in life Allah (SWT) tests the human beings by showering different and Hard trials upon us.
But those who have mastered the skill of patience never hesitate because, Allah the Most High said: “And be Patient. Surely, Allah is with those who are patient.” From this verse of the Noble Qur’an, we can say that regardless of what the situation we are facing we should be faithful and patient as Allah is with us, He will never leave us alone. We can’t say how great the skill of patience is! Ask those who lost everything out of their being belligerents, being Jealous, being aggressive or being totally broke. Now ask them the worth of Patience that they understood too late! Ask them how they ruined their peace and happiness by axing their feet i;e being impatient.
Indeed, Allah is with those who are patient. You see patient ones struggling a lot at first, but they are the ones who sit on thrones and those who are impatient are kept in dark cells to rot!
My dear readers, the advice that I want to give is to start developing great skill (Patience) and do not get counted among impatient ones. On this journey of life, people will bully you, people will hurt you, people will break your heart, they will hate you, but you are not supposed to give up instead you are supposed to remain calm and be patient because Allah is with those who are patient and luck also knocks the door of patient people. I’m not telling you to wait, remember that waiting and patience are two different things, and I’m not telling you that if you don’t have anything to eat, then wait, don’t rob!
No, I’m saying if you don’t have food then you should not wait for the food to reach you, rather you have to stand on your feet and earn it. Patience also teaches us the lessons of love, respect, earning, learning, and so on. If you are under oppression, and you will not do anything about it, it’s not patience, you rise against it and end the oppression with calm mind and without violation, so patience teaches us the lessons of Right decision-making. Some people try to defame you, and you also rise against it by defaming them as well is not patience, you prove them who you are by your success is the patience.
People will stab you from behind, they will backbite about you but if you pay attention to them, then you are not patient you should not pay a heed towards negative judgment. Develop peace, calmness, and Resistance in yourself and be patient because Allah is with those who are patient!
(The author is a student and contributes to ‘Kashmir Vision’)

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