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Teacher’s ordeal

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Syed Tajamul Hussain
Waking up with the message popped up on the screen, reading ‘’ Happy Teacher’s Day ‘’, a teacher stroke a struggling smile that smells not so productive and positive. Spreads the pile of books while doing of what we called it lesson planning for whom the teacher has to deliver in actual classroom conditions.
A teacher is seen reading orders and new announcements from official Whatsapp group. His/her curious eyes keep on focussing on what new is going to done and how to manage the arrangements. All it underwent on routine until the clock struck 9:00 am. Holding assignment diary along with the books, the teacher went straight to teaching hub and begin to nourish the buds with right knowledge and ethics.
A teacher labelled as to build the prospects of nation. Who cares for the prospects of teachers? Can ever anyone have pondered upon what is going around our teachers? Can ever we have invested our time and attention towards the struggles and hardships bears by them saliently? Mere celebrating teachers day with the status and reels on social networking sites, is unfruitful than to usher a sense of respect and value the dedication paid by them.
Working tirelessly from dawn to dusk, a teacher keeps on nourishing the minds of buds with all the colours of knowledge and wisdom. Their only weapon pen stands tall to fight evils of ignorance and antisocialism. They can act as a support system that is lacking elsewhere in student’s lives.
Knowledge and education are the basis for all the things that can be accomplished in life. Teacher provides the power of education to youth, thereby giving them the possibility for a better future. They will help to reveal student’s best skills and teach valuable life skills as well such as communication, compassion presentation, organization, following direction and more.
They are also the source of inspiration and motivation. They are not teaching for recognition or a paycheck but because they have a passion for youth and education. They are grading papers, making lessons and communicating with parents after school and on weekends. They arrive earlier than school starts to set up their day and provide extra assistance to struggling students. The importance of a teacher is wide and vast. Mere remembering the contribution of teacher on 5th September is a big irony. Can they are stagnant and lost on other days?
The recent trolling of teachers on social networking sites under the hash tags of ‘’ shake banana ‘’that went viral, is altogether irony and unwanted. Teaching is not what we thought as anyone’s cup of tea. It is very dynamic that suits with what society and needs of child demands. Can all such teachers are doing for their fun or entertainment? Can they aim to defame their noble profession? They do whatever that which suits both needs of society and child. All such trolling upon their activities could not yield anything but cause a blow upon teacher fraternity. Have we ever measure their respect and importance?
The role of teacher is diverse and pivotal in social, cultural and moral development of a complex society. They dive deep into the psyche of students to ignite thinking and help them imbibe values and valour and make the learners worthwhile loveable creatures. They hone the life skills in individuals and influence them by their empathetic values.
Teacher shows to students the road ahead, which is life itself. Teacher educates the students on unique qualities like fellow feelings, goodwill, kindness and simplicity. They are the ones who motivate the students to do better in every domain and help them achieve life goals. After parents, the teachers are the biggest well-wishers in any student’s life and they can cross every extent to help them succeed in life. They are the ones who open the minds of young ones to the world. A teacher treated as a guide, a mentor, a friend and a selfless abode of love and care. They let their light shine bright even on the darkest roads so that the little ones do not lose track of their destination.
Teachers had given their best to shape up the future of children and we need to respect their dedication beyond 5th September. Trolling, mocking, insulting and defaming them, is not what they deserve. They deserve our utmost gratitude and respect, the students in particular and society in general should be deferential towards teacher every time.
Bless you all teachers of our nation.
(The author works as Accounts Assistant Panchayat at Drabgam Pulwama)


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