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The sinking ship

The sinking ship
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The Congress party has been facing a tough time since many years now. The party had got the message loud and clear during 2001 but given the way the party functionary had got used to function, the message failed to gain any importance.
However, with the passage of time the party found itself isolated and abandoned but still the leadership did not get into a huddle and chalk out a strategy that could have got them some relief and they could have managed to get into the people’s hearts and minds once again.
Since the past two decades Congress has been faced with many dilemmas. One being the leadership issue and this issue proved to be their undoing. No leader in the Congress party, except the Gandhi family was allowed to flourish which led to a severe disconnect with the masses as no leader could grow beyond a point.
The lack of will and ability on the part of the Gandhi family to accept some more leaders into the fold led to a situation when the party faced a severe leadership crisis and nobody could come forward to steer the sinking ship from the crisis situation.
Even as of now the situation has not shown any improvement. With many a drubbings received at the hands of the electorate, the Congress leadership has failed to mature and provide a leader who could have at least tried to salvage some lost reputation.
Since the past many years now Congress has virtually been headless and any opportunity granted to Rahul Gandhi proved that he is not capable enough to lead a party that has many a tasks at hand. The leadership crisis was deepened with the Ghandi family’s attitude of negating any suggestions to eek an improvement.
The G23 grouping that was constituted by senior leaders of the party also did not get any response for the suggestions they made to improve the situation within and outside of the Congress party.
The stone walling of all such efforts lead to serious issues of desertions as many leaders felt like moving out of the party. One such move was witnessed in Jammu and Kashmir where senior leader and former Chief Minister of JK Ghulam Nabi Azad also revolted and left the party.
Since then it has been as free for all situation as most of the party leaders and workers have announced their open support for Azad and have even joined him to fight the very party they had stuck to despite all odds.
The situation is proving to be very tricky for Congress not only in Jammu and Kashmir but elsewhere. Azad’s exit has meant that many other leaders can follow suit and the phenomenon can prove disastrous for the party that is already fighting to establish some stronghold across the country.



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