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Reshaping our education system

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Suhaib Idrees Lateef
Education is an important process of giving and receiving systematic knowledge of things which one needs to survive in this universe of deep conscience, Education is an important visionary tool or an enlightening process for success, growth and ascendancy with prosperity.
Education is an important reform in taking up the challenges that life throws upon us. Education is not only a single approach of studying but it is an opportunity for different gateways to open. It is an opportunity to go through new elements, to discuss and discover new things which we do not know at all.
Education is not, simply imparting knowledge in a particular faculty or subject or making one fit for securing jobs or fair well in exams, but at the same time is also a training, a perspective of logical thinking which helps the coming generations adjust to the ever-changing environment. It also means opening the doors of the cerebral, cleansing the inner soul and realization of the self. Dr. Sir Mohammad Iqbal’s poetry regarding pursuing Education is a highlight and way out for us. The quality of education greatly influences the quality of manpower for the societal benefits.
In the Region of Love, build your Entity
Create New Cosmos, New Dawns and Evenings
An educated person should be like as, he or she could differentiate between a good and an evil, between right doings or wrong doings. A good educated person shall procure, get by get should be focused, know what life meant for us, how it is to be reached, the society, the parents, the humanity and a good approach of scientific knowledge as well.
A well educated is always a well mannered person and can be good at Governance and judging. The foremost aim of ancient education system was to develop the overall personality and character of an individual, the Society and the Social Super order. The moral strengths were induced that helped the society to be together. This was because the education in make-up with the religious rituals with the sense of whole heartedly devotion for the cause of Learning. However, our colleges, universities and even the schools come up with activities that not bow only the heads of the intellectuals and highly regarded minds but also the ignorant in disgrace.
May Allah grant you a Heart that could recognize the Nature?
Generate melodies from the silence of Rose n Tulip
Now if we talk of Education in our Valley, Kashmir Valley it is as synonymous as fallen with a dumbstruck disaster that we are heading towards.
According to the New Survey Of National Static Office (NSO), only 8.4% and 2.8% of males and females respectively get graduated every year in Kashmir. There is an old saying that you can recreate lost wealth, but you can’t get back lost time. That is exactly what the Kashmir children are experiencing. Education not only gives us knowledge of the world but provides something better that develops a perspective of looking at life. We have forgotten the taste of all scientific, realistic, moral as well as religious Education .The condition of Education in our Valley is on a road of apathy and disruptive mode.
In this article, I would like to raise some questions to the civil purpose educated community, the Government authorities and the VVIPs sitting, regarding this collective failure of disruptive education in the Valley, with a few measures given by which these can be corrected.
:Why Government schools, and now Government Colleges have a poor attendance?
: Why the teacher of the government school is a private school parent?
:Why Government schools are often looked in poor and pause condition?
:Why Government schools produce less or failed results?
: Why our Schools lack Technical, Skill Education?
:Why Government school students are not in a way to compete with smart school students? Why such comparisons?
: How long are we going to produce bookworms?
:Why do we have to send our children to private schools?
:Why to pay so much fees without any outcome?
With an overall literacy rate of 67.16% as per Census 2011, Jammu and Kashmir is very far off to reflect a great education system.
Our Valley has been a boon to low education, far before COVID-19 affected the rest of the world. Improving education in Kashmir is far essential for us taking every positive dimension in our taste. The ground level presentation presents the grim situation. With the complete lack of technical education and technical expertise in our Schools and educational institutions that are running, without internet, without smart learning system and processes which is an immediate need in the field of Education. Today, we are living in such a society where technology is virtually unavoidable in any of circumstances as all the study material, all the necessary material containing latest information is easily available in a system of technologically advanced educational sector.
We live in an age where consumption is more. For this we need human resource, academic human resource is nowhere, we need technical cum educated hand for overall development. We have to imbibe skills in our Education that too shall start-up as we are far off with the rest Globe. We should be sure for our students that there is only the evil of rote learning running in our schools.
With each passing day we face unexpected accusation that drags us harshly with disastrous results. The relationship between the teachers and the students had now crossed the contours and put very dreadful impact on our society. The image and dignity of teachers has now changed and the students consider teachers as slaves which must be addressed before the fall of entire educational system. If we keep encouraging this disease in our children, the day is not far when a teacher would sit on the ground and the children will be taught sitting on the chair.
We should be very much sure that much of the fundamental and basic concepts won’t be clear to our secondary school students as well as students that have done graduation. Why all this? All this is because of rote learning in our schools that have now become our habit that needs a shift and also the problem lies with the Question papers and Mark grading system that have made our students to suffer.
The fixed style of question papers from many years taking rounds before examination by students that has send our society to prehistoric ages. Also it is necessary to give same weightage to our every subject or stream whether Arts or humanities, Science or medicine or it is engineering as every respectable subject has its own taste and importance in its respective class. Now a day’s B.tech has become our trend even if student is not willing for it, it has now a day’s become the forced system. Our mind and psychology need to be broadened.
How long we will go for Engineering and medicine and look down upon Arts and other streams that are much precious and suitable. This also needs a shift and special courageous counseling sessions should be established for students in their Schools as well as Counseling Sessions to pursue their best Carriers.
Despite the huge investment in the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (RET scheme) and other literacy programs and related sessions as much of the state’s population is illiterate. This means that at least a quarter of our children are still not capable of reading and writing.
One more disturbing curse for our little student generation is their heavy school bags with much of overweight books that is a definite cruelty causing them severe heath problems. Day by day weight of school bags is increasing and not decreasing at any rate, our school children have turned slaves of educational system where commission of booksellers and teachers making their bags heavier and heavier.
The most troubles now a days has been created by the coaching centers. It becomes important for a student to attend the coaching classes even at the rate of her or his school. It has turned a fashion for Kashmiri students to attend tuition classes than Schools. By this a student loses his or her much precious time and school life thus fails to overlook the challenges of life as all-round development is possible only in school life. Also tuition concept has made Student’s mind such that he or she feels it unable to clear their examinations without coaching classes.
There are majority of poor parents in Kashmir who can’t afford the tuition as well as school fees for their wards. The only just single option remains for them is to send their children to Government schools losing their talent through the hands of the in consolidated system, thus they lose their efficient and enormous way at the hands of system.
For these problems to overcome, forming of a strong educational base and support, the Government schools can turn very well and skillful only if our VIP Class Society, Govt. Teachers, Professors, Analysts, and Bureaucrats push their ward’s into an environment of Good Educational markup , may use the Government run Schools that can increase up their credibility, the only practical solution, With passing time we may see a change, an improvement in our educational sector. The quality will automatically assume, take charge and retain.
All these developments should be thoroughly applied like a necessity.
We must rethink. It is a high time for us, our Society to look upon these important issues keenly, try to replace with better and improved skills to make our Kashmir an educationally active sector.
Good, young and energetic teachers to be brought in for primary classes to get nourishing and psychologically active students, So that their base, their nurture in early school life becomes strong enough to deal and can compete the atmosphere, the environment, with the rest of students from private institutions
(The author is a student of SSM College of engineering and technology)


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