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Misandry: A dangerous norm

Misandry: A dangerous norm
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Nasir Dar
Humans are the most intelligent creatures on earth. This has helped us dominate the entire planet. There have been substantial advancements in the field of Science, Technology and the way of life. Humans formed societies which eventually led to the modern world countries. Every society has been questioned for its particular way of operating and accepting its humans based on their gender, color or caste.
There have been constant debates over different aspects of life in human societies but there is one debate is which still going on and which may continue topping the headlines. This debate is based on the equality among genders. The contemporary society has started to acknowledge every gender but the majority of the debates run around the status of men versus that of women in our civilization.
These types of debates have given a rise to feminism which is good for the society but there are occasions when such campaigns tend to ignore an important part of the society which is men. It seems as if the entire human population has forgotten about men even though more than half of the population around the globe is comprised of men.
The problem of our society is not to work for the empowerment of women. But the problem is that, which doing so, we tend to entire neglect the mankind. The men of our society are equally important for humanity to survive. The quest for finding equality among different genders has rendered men with almost no equality at all. Men are the most insulted population on the earth even though the most dangerous works are carried out by men.
Men of our world play a very vital role in running the almost impossible structure of the world. But their efforts get totally wasted as our society wants equality for other genders. The world does need equality among humans but that equality should never come at the cost of an entire gender. Men face mental health issue and we hardly see any debates on this topic. Men also face domestic violence but we will hardly hear about it. Men are subject to sexual assault as well but there won’t be any campaigns about the same.
We live in a society which holds every other gender with dignity except for men. If there is any incident which involves a man and a woman, the entire world would automatically start questioning the man. There are millions of such incidents and we have seen a huge rise in such cases lately.
Even the most famous people around the globe have been subject to misandry at its worst. Johnny Depp faced one such trial recently in front of the world. He was met with incessant hate around the globe for domestic violence. Amber Head designed a perfect plot for to build a narrative around the world. However, this did not go for a long time as the defamation trial between Depp and Heard was concluded on June 1 where the jury found Heard guilty of defaming Depp. The verdict on this case was good news for men whose hope in judiciary restored. However, Johnny Depp had been declared guilty by our society a long time before the final verdict came out.
One similar incident which came to light recently was that of Cristiano Ronaldo’s rape case. This case got dismissed by US Judge. U.S. District Judge Jennifer Dorsey dismissed all charges of sexual assault against football royalty Cristiano Ronaldo due to plaintiff Kathryn Mayorga’s attorney Leslie Mark Stovall on grounds of bad-faith conduct. This case had been going on for a very long time.
Cristiano was declared a rapist by many media outlets and football pundits. This case not only tainted Ronaldo’s international image but he was also robbed of some individual awards which he deserved out explicitly. Many journalists who were voting for the Best Player of the Year award in 2018 and 19 totally snubbed his name just for the same rape cases. Many journalists even came out and claimed openly that they won’t be favoring Ronaldo winning the award. This is the reason why he did not win it in 2018 even though he deserved it more than anyone else.
If the greatest icons of Hollywood and Football are subject to misandry and are made to pay for a crime which they did not even execute, we all can imagine the state of a normal human being.
The need of the hour is that misandry needs to be recognized just like racism and misogyny. The world has made a man miserable. There is absolutely nothing we can do without men. You look around the world; you’ll see buildings go up. There are men doing impossible things. They’re under the streets working on the sewers, they’re up on the power lines in the storms and in the rains. Men are keeping this impossible infrastructure functioning. They make the world work in a miraculous manner. They’re working themselves to death. The worst part is that, often the gratitude for all that is totally lacking. The men after doing all are the least protected gender of our world.
It is absolutely evident in our society that when a man earns, he starts to think about his family first. However, when a woman starts to earn, the first thing she says is that she does not need a man. We need to grow in a bit reverse as a society. We need to start acknowledging what men do and stop the incessant misandry that is prevailing in our society. This is because without physically and mentally fit men the world will burn to ruins.
(The author is the Secretary General of Youth Parliament of Jammu and Kashmir)


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