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Parental care is important

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Nasir Roshan Khan
The first and foremost requirement for a child after its birth is the parental care. It is that kind of care without which children are incomplete, so it’s sort of an essential type of service for them.
It is obvious that parents are always taking care of their children, always trying to make them happy either by bringing them their favorite things or by providing them the love and care they require.
But they are also worried about their future, so they admit them into the schools, so that they expect a change in their children with the help of teachers.
Teachers are said to be “Nation builders” and they are trying to do their job honestly. They show them the right path, but who has to adopt that right path, it’s only the children himself/herself who has to decide on it.
It’s not only upto teachers who can bring a change in them, parents also have to be careful towards their children. By being careful towards them will make the parents aware about what are they doing in their life. Are they behaving in a proper way or in a wrong way. Are they indulged in good activities or bad activities?
So keeping a check on your children will definitely help you to understand the nature of your children, and you can easily get notified about his good qualities and about his bad qualities as well.
So answers to these questions is parental care, that is by paying attention towards the children, spending time with them to examine them and to correct them wherever they are found to be wrong.
This parental care will definitely help the children to develop good qualities in them and if he/she is indulging in bad habits the parental care can make them come out of the bad habit they have fallen for.
And if you want your son or daughter to behave politely with everyone or you want your son or daughter to speak truth always and work hard, then parental care is the best solution for this.
Otherwise the children who unfortunately don’t get parental care behave rudely and even they use abusive content in their language. They get addicted to drug use and they do not speak the truth. These qualities are then developed in them in such a way that at a critical stage it is difficult for their parents to stop them.
Parental care also saves your children from a bad company. If by mistakenly your child has chosen bad company timely intervention by the parents can save him from getting deeper into the muck. Parental care can help the child to come out of the bad company, but it needs to be done on time. And all this is possible when parents keep a track of their wards.
Parental care is a process by which you can help your children to choose a right path and to be focused on his/her goals. You can develop various good qualities like morality, hardworking, respecting elders, honesty, etc. And you can eliminate or protect him/her from bad qualities like using abusive language, drug consumption, speaking lies and so on.
Many times teachers fail in doing so what you have expected from them, so you can’t limit your children up to teachers to correct them, it is your responsibility also to show your children a right path, to show him/her the path of truth and to stop him/her from evil doings.
Apart from this parent have to also give time to their children, they need to understand their children as a friend, and if the children are really facing problems, try to solve those, try to make them happy by just not bringing gifts but by spending time with them.
In today’s era parents are more focused on mobiles than their children, they pass their time with cell phones and don’t try to concentrate what their children actually need?
Case study: A well developed child studying in class 7th receives a gift in the form of a mobile phone, and this mobile device now becomes the cause of his change, he uses the device continuously, plays games, and watches videos and finally it impacts him badly and this addiction leads him to get fully detached from studies and then parents try attract him again towards studies but they are not able to do so.
This is also the part of parental care that don’t ever give your children a mobile phone or these electronic gadgets which are so harmful in this modern era.
If they have need of that electronic gadget for a while, give them yours mobile phone and make them understand that concept with togetherness.
Case 2: A student who is just studying in 6th grade regularly visits school but after getting into the habit of receiving money from his parents he feels independent in spending it. At first the child uses the money to buy eatables only but with the passage of time his attention is diverted to other things like cigarettes and other unhealthy products.
This situation leads him to more complex situations and his daily needs also rise and in several cases the children then commit robberies at home to get that extra money they need.
All these negative developments can be nipped in the bud if the parents are alive to the needs and requirements of their children and they ensure accountability among them to curtail any negative growth.
(The author is a student of 12th class and hails from Nowshera Baramulla)


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