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Marine Dine: A food outlet that makes you feel underwater

Marine Dine: A food outlet that makes you feel underwater
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Ahtisham Nazki
Srinagar: Situated at Jawahar Nagar Srinagar, Marine Dine is a unique underwater themed aquatic restaurant that gives visitors an out of the box experience while relishing their food.
Since its opening, the restaurant has been getting a positive response from people owing to its sumptuous food and peaceful ambience.
Kais Suhail, the owner and managing director of the restaurant says that this theme is out of the box and something that people in Kashmir have never seen before.
“The theme of this outlet is very different. You won’t find anything like this here in Kashmir. We have tried to create a peaceful, calm and enjoyable environment here,” he said.
Kais also said that such underwater themed restaurants are mostly found overseas and many people who visited their outlet echoed the same.
“Many of our customers who have travelled to different parts of the world were really amazed and surprised to find out about this food outlet since they have seen such ventures only abroad,” he said.
Inside the restaurant, one can find the blend of Kashmir’s culture and underwater life. The seats are carved out of wood like Shikaras. In addition to this there are rocks, pebbles, logs, Starfishes and seashells placed at different places to give an underwater feel to the visitors.
“These shikara shaped seats that you see here are actually made by real shikara makers of Dal Lake. Eight people can easily sit here. The idea behind this was to give our customers the vibe of sitting in a shikara while they relish their food,” he said.
While an aquarium filled with colourful exotic fishes is another attraction inside the restaurant, it is the 3D wallpapers on the walls and the ceiling that enhances the experience even more as you feel fishes are moving and watching you.
In addition to this servers can be seen dressed as sailors while attending customers and serving food.
Burhan, a PG student from Kashmir University said that such theme based restaurants always make him excited.
“It is really an amazing place. The environment is soul soothing and food is even great. I have seen many other theme based food outlets but nothing like this in Kashmir at least,” he said.
The restaurant is multi-cuisine which serves Thai food, Indian food, Chinese food, seafood including prawns and fishes from Delhi.
“Around 70 percent of the dishes in the menu are unique and found here only. Some vegetarian dishes are also available here, which you will not find anywhere else,” he said.
Kais Suhail says that his association with different food joints in Kashmir and other places has helped him gain experience which he in turn used to create marine dine.
“As an entrepreneur, I have worked at a lot of places and I have been associated with different food joints which helped me learn and gain experience. Marine Dine is one such result of that experience,” he said.
Calling it a first step towards fine dining, Suhail has plans for much more in near future.
“I am happy that we were able to create this place where people from all walks of life come to enjoy food and serenity. And this is just the beginning, there is much more in the store,” he said.


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