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Reforms in revenue department

Reforms in revenue department
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One of the important government department which witnesses daily dealing with the people at a massive scale is the revenue department where people have to get their various property and land related issues addressed.
Be it securing revenue extracts or getting various land and house registrations included in the revenue records, people in huge numbers visit the revenue officials on a daily basis. However, given the huge rush of people and the increased dealings also the department was under huge stress as most of the records were ill kept and no scientific method was adopted to relive the officials of the overload they faced.
This also led to various corrupt practices and lack of accountability as people had to wait for months together to get their issues sorted out. Even various strict measures that were put in place failed to provide any desired results.
However, since the past two years now the revenue department is witnessing huge changes as the digitization process initiated by the government has meant that the records are available to the people and lot of transparency is being observed in the transactions that are taking place.
The massive effort that is being put in to digitize the records have ensured that about 7.70 crore pages of revenue records and 55,216 ‘Musavis’ (maps) have been digitized. For this the administration is working on an ambitious plan ‘Aapki Zameen Aapki Nigrani’ which is a flagship programmes launched by the administration to bring ease, transparency and convenience about land records for people.
The initiative facilitates easy online access to the Land Records Information System, thereby reducing manipulation of the land records and improving the efficiency of revenue offices substantially.
Since the digitization of the records has started about 6.5 lakh citizens have viewed their land records till date and the feedback of citizens has resulted in purification, updation of land records on constant basis.
Ironically, no such mechanism existed earlier where people could monitor the status of the land records and they had to remain dependent on the officials to check their land records and provide them copies of the same. This also bred corruption as the revenue officials did not bother to entertain such pleas without asking for monetary benefits.
The reforms in the revenue department initiated under the ‘Digital India Land Records Modernization Programme (DILRMP) was formally launched in UT in April-2016 for improving online accessibility to the Land Records System and stopping manipulation of the land records, thereby making quality of services in sub registrar and tehsil offices more efficient and transparent.
The programme aims to modernise management of land records, enhance transparency in the land records maintenance system, thus reducing scope of land and property disputes, and facilitate conclusive titles to immovable properties.



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