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Junk Food: The name is enough

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Vinod Chandrashekhar Dixit
We all know junk food is bad, still we eat it. But, do we know how bad it is? Do we ever check what we are eating, and whether that packet of chips or Maggi noodles we consume, what are the ingredients that the manufacturers claims it has?
The mention of ready-to-eat foods, it is feared, leaves the door open for food industries to step up their attempts to capture the large potential market of the public food schemes. The word ‘junk’ itself indicates the type of food they are.
Junk food is like garbage to our body, which we are consuming by our own. Most importantly, it tastes so good that people consume it on a daily basis. However, not much awareness is spread about the harmful effects of junk food.
Children have now forgotten vegetables, fruits, milk and eggs due to fast foods. Nowadays, when we think of food, items like pizza, burger, chips and wafers come to our mind. Nowadays, children love food items like pizzas, burgers, chips etc.; they force their parents to purchase these items. Junk food contains host of chemicals that are injurious to health as our body finds it difficult to digest them.
Eating these items has been treated as a sign of elite living. All these dishes are called junk-food. Our body does not get any nourishment on eating either fast-food or junk-food. Junk foods when consumed, it does not give us energy levels and thus, more food is required to keep the energy balanced. This leads to increase in weight.
Junk Food have high levels of cholesterol, sugar, calories and more. We see how nowadays, the younger generation is getting indulging in more and more junk food. Many doctors have concluded after a lot of research that since these foods are hard to digest, their consumption causes illnesses.
There is an increase in the blood cholesterol level because of the consumption of food having excessive fat. Excess fat and salt can cause an increase in blood pressure. The problem of junk and processed, packaged food in India is reaching dramatic proportions with every tiny village shop laden with packets of potato chips and namkeen and carbonated drinks.
Eating junk food like burger, wafers, salad full of preservatives leads to poor concentration. Children eating junk food often lack concentration. So right from the childhood children must be encouraged to eat healthy food rather than junk food. Fast food does not contain vital nutrients required for a good health and made up of fried and preserved food which does not remain natural.
Junk food does not only damage the heart but the liver as well. It causes diabetes amongst people from an early age. Moreover, the lack of fibers in junk food equals to a damaged digestive system. Fast foods may be a good way to save time, but too often they are high in fat, sugar and calories. Eat healthy, stay away from junk food, do exercise and staying fit should be the mantra of life.
(The author hails from Jodhpur Tekra Ahmedabad)


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