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Why is self defence necessary?

Why is self defence necessary?
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Mushtaq Bhat
Self defense is an act of defending or protecting any threat of grievous harm by the other. To protect oneself from violence is a basic human right and a person must be trained in order to have tools and skills needed to assess a dangerous situation.
Self-defense implies that you are defending yourself in a situation in which you are not the aggressor. In order to learn and grow with your self defense abilities, you have to develop self-discipline.
You have to be motivated and dedicated to the practice. All the genders irrespective of any nomenclature need self defense techniques but in case of females they need it more because they face assaults more often.
A survey is reflecting that one in three women will be the victim of some type of violent attack in her lifetime. So it’s important to have a participation in self defense training classes. Because a lot of people are not confident with their abilities to protect themselves before they join such classes.
In addition to it, these training classes not only train our bodies but also prepare our minds and we will learn to make effective decisions and act decisively in odd situations. However, a defendant can use a reasonable amount of force in self-defense and all those acting reasonably and in good faith to defend themselves, their family, their property or in the prevention of crime or the apprehension of offenders are not prosecuted for such action as per the law.
Everyone has a comfort zone or personal space. When an aggressor enters that zone, you’re uncomfortable because you know you’d need that space if you had to fight back. When you’re in an adrenalized state, you need a quarter of a second to react to an assault.
This “reactionary gap” should be anticipated when you think about your comfort zone. You should try to maintain some lengths between yourself and the aggressor. If he starts closing in, you need to use verbal boundaries. If he still doesn’t back off, it’s time to get physical for your defense.
To sum up all the above one needs to make sure that s/he is ready to defend him/herself in any emergency situation. It’s not only girls or women but men should also know how to defend themselves in such situations.
Someone has rightly said, prevention is better than cure, we must be well aware of our surroundings with following the safety precautions.

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