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Technology: Bane or a boon?

Technology: Bane or a boon?
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Gulnoor Khan
To change the world, we need combine Ancient Wisdom with new technologies. (Paulo Coelho)
Today various learning methods including school, college, university, teachers and books as well as electronic means such as e-classrooms, smart classrooms, overhead projectors, computer CDs, tablet computers, laptops, etc. have become part of our education setup and contemporary teachers can make education elegant and fruitful with these modern tools of learning۔
Technology is a climacteric (important) part of our lives, therefore, making it pivotal for us to be aware of the banes as well as the boons. I remember a teacher of mine saying “technology is a curse to the nation, “but is it actually a curse?
The last year, since not too much in the past, made it clearly evident how technology can be a blessing when the entire world suffered from Covid 19 Pandemic. We’ve been attending classes via “technology” since the past three years I suppose. We’ve been shopping online for almost a decade as long as I remember. Technology provides magnified student engagement, enhanced learning and above all an easily accessible learning.
Want to attend a class? Attend from wherever you like. Don’t like from where you’re learning? Switch to whatever’s feasible as per ones liking.
Using state-of-the-art technology, teachers can adapt the teaching profession at school, college and university level to the requirements of the present and educational institutions can improve their administration by adopting technology in their administration.
Nowadays, students are stepping into the college environment with the good and bad effects of internet, television and cell phones. In such cases, turning the student’s abilities into positive thoughts is the primary responsibility of an educator-teacher. So even in a college classroom, in addition to the traditional book: blackboards and chalk pieces and maps, an expert teacher can help students better understand their lessons with the help of their laptops and projectors. For this, the teacher has to be a computer savvy.
If there are CDs of different subjects in the library, a student can sit in the library and watch the CD with the help of computer, then his knowledge increases. A large monitor can be installed in a hall of the college library. If a lecturer of a subject is absent on any given day, the in-charge of the library may put up a CD on the subject for the students and the whole class may benefit from an important lecture on time despite the absence of a lecturer. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter can also be used to promote education. Many students are crazy about Facebook.
After all this, is technology still at fault?!
There’s no denying of the fact that everything has a good as well as a bad side to it and clearly none is to be overlooked.
I can hardly find a person, atleast a student, who doesn’t say “I might need spectacles,” anyone who is without back ache. Is it because we’ve become too dependent on technology? Yes, if I’m asked.
I can’t think of any conclusion better than “We need to define our priorities. We need to outline our usage of technology or anything else or for the most part at least take necessary precautions whilst using.
“Everything comes with a profit or loss, what’s necessary is awareness about the investment.
Christian Lous once said “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”
(The author is a Class 12th student at Dd TARGET PMT Parraypora )

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