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The need to get married

The need to get married
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Faizaan Bashir
There are certain requirements without which it’s impossible to live: air, food, sleep. And, in the same way, copulation constitutes a significant part of our life.
God has bestowed us with libido so that we can sustain human life in this world. Today we are young, but in the coming years, we surely would be getting old; with grey hair, wrinkles all over the body. Our way of talking, style of walking, stamina—all wouldn’t remain the same. We are surely going to die and the fact can’t be undermined.
From the statements mentioned above, there arises a questions: how should libido, we are all bestowed with be used—or rather, what’s the right way to use it.
The best time for libido to come into effect is after one gets married – combining the two souls legally. Every religion, legislature, philosopher, historian believes in the benefits of tying the knot; how it brings merriment and benefits to the people.
However, it should be put into a matter of subject that what results of not getting married are likely to surround the unmarried with so as to understand the significance of marriage. It’s been established that the one who denies getting married ends up doing all the vile activities which include raping (molesting, groping) the innocent and endless watching of pornography that follows immediately.
Marrying, besides refraining us from doing these nefarious activities, has other advantages as well. Here I am going to throw light on the eternal perks which a marriage bestows us with: how you would continue to live in this world after death. It may seem nonsense to some. But, it’s a scientific research.
Modern science says that after copulation the chromosomes (features) of each partner get transmitted into the foetus. This implies that you would find yourself alive after death in the form of your offspring. How nice!
How unfortunate those are who want to terminate their belongings once and for all with their tendencies to defer their marriages — or never be among the married at all. And don’t wish to see themselves in the form of their children.
Quoting Shakespeare’s sonnet (II) in which he beautifully answers all the queries regarding marriages:
“…This fair child of mine
Shall sum my count, and make my old excuse,
Proving his beauty by succession thine!
This were to be new made when thou art old,
And see thy blood warm when thou feel’st it cold.”
God has bestowed us with sensuality with a purpose. But, we are used to defiling it every now and then. And the ways seem manifold. The best way to relish the blessing is by getting married—this marriage has the capability to refrain us from all the evils, and make us descent human beings.
(The author hails from Old City, Srinagar)


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