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Allow them to raise questions

Allow them to raise questions
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Mahfooz Ahmad Bakshi
The ability of raising and then the courage of asking genuine questions makes you capable of finding the most rare and efficacious answers, answers that would save you from falling prey into the traps of wise people that they use to trick the fools for their own benefit.
If you have the ability to raise the genuine questions against anything then you will never ever become the slave of wise, it’s the habit of wise people to use those who use only two physical eyes to see things.
I mean sometimes you need to keep things under the surveillance of mind, you need to open the eyes of active mind. Raising questions is the best component found inside every single child but unfortunately as these kids grow up they fear to ask questions because the quality of questioning in them gets stolen and the parents are the main culprits behind this.
Kids may ask any kind of questions that can make parents feel proud but sometimes, angry, anxious and worried! Parents should answer every question or must they handle the situation calmly just in case the questions are too advanced and parents should not scold the kids for the questions they ask? “Just answer or handle wisely”
But why shouldn’t you scold kids even if they ask rude questions? Because if you do so your kid may lose the ability of raising questions they may ask rude ones but it’s not forever they will understand what to ask as they grow up but when you cease them from asking then they will fear to question as a result they might turn into the slaves of wise people.
Today they may ask you a rude and unwanted question tomorrow they may ask you the rudest question but after tomorrow they might ask you the most genuine questions but most of the parents kill the ability of their kids today evening which is unfortunate and unfair, isn’t it. We know that home is the first school for children and parents, our first teachers, in schools we learn different things that can benefit us in the future. Why are nowadays parents teaching their kids to fear?
In Kashmir there is 90% of talent but as we know talent without confidence is of no use this 90% of talented kids often lack confidence but why? It’s just because of how elder people are behaving and treating them.
Let me give you a most common example, when a kid cries loudly his mother usually says ‘stay quite’, the ghost outside will hear and kill all of us.” By this the innocent kid keeps quite and develops the fear which never leaves him and chain him down for lifetime. He suffers from this fear of something that doesn’t even exist!
As our talk is about questioning but I went far away still I mentioned the common cause of what is stopping our future scientists, writers, authors, and many more intellectuals from asking questions, it’s obviously “Fear” that has been programmed in pillars of the nation by parents or siblings!
When you don’t let your kid to raise questions then when he grows up he ends up being dumb, at the age of 20 he thinks that if he tries to question then he might be scolded as he was in his childhood as a result the nation loses one of its intellectuals!
I’m not saying that one should ask questions all the time, what I am saying is that one should have the courage to ask the most genuine question. And asking questions is necessary. Otherwise hypocrites will have no troubles in troubling you through their fake statements, sermons etc.
If a scholar delivers a speech in which he says the colour of snow is black then we the dumb will accept just because a scholarship said that! Just because he is a scholar no one dares to raise questions against him but the one whose mind is active and has the ability to rise against him will ask that scholar to give the proof either by his words or practical.
Words like, Who, What, Why, How, Where etc have changed the world, like How Humans came into existence, Where exactly is the earth located, Why and how the things fall on ground instead of floating in skies as well as how birds fly and why not the humans and other land creatures and many more questions like that have generated most intelligent people like Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Thomas A. Adison, Issac Newton and many more such people created history in the field of science and technology just because they had the ability to raise the genuine questions, for instance ‘Issac Newton once seated himself under an apple tree, out of sudden an apple fell on him If same happens with kids of today’s generation then they would probably eat that apple but Issac Newton was a person who was able to raise question so instead of eating he asked himself a question “Why did the apple fall on earth, why the apple didn’t fly ?
After this he ended up with the most efficacious answer and gave us the laws of gravity, because of this question he was able to discover gravity. And there are so many real stories in which famous scientists have asked themselves very strange questions on which people laugh but believe me they never paid heed to the laughter of people they kept questioning and questioning until they discovered or invented most fruitful things.
So instead of refraining your children from walking on the path that may seem disgusting now but proves to be productive for the whole mankind in the future, let them walk. Develop them mentally instead of deteriorating their questioning quality or component. Also you need to spend time with your kids and discuss what’s good for them. Don’t shut their mouths up, let them speak, let them fly.
And guide them in the way that they can understand the word in their own but beneficial concepts. Do not let your children become dumb because of your mistake. Let them develop the ability of questioning and let them become wise so that they can rule on the world instead of becoming slaves. Think smart.
(The author is a columnist, hails from Ganderbal district)


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