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Vinod Chandrashekhar Dixit
14th June was celebrated as World Blood Donor Day. It is celebrated every year to mark the birthday anniversary of Karl Landsteiner who was born on 14th of June in 1868. It is rightly said that “The future can be anything we want it to be, provided we have the faith and that we realize that peace, no less than war, requires ‘blood and sweat and tears.’
Blood donation is a big contribution one can offer towards the good of people. Blood donation is one of the most significant contributions human beings can ever dream of making.
This event to mark the celebration of blood donation day was first started in the year 2004 aiming to raise the public awareness about the need for safe blood donation (including its products) voluntarily and unpaid by the healthy person.
Blood donors are the key role player at this day as they donate life-saving gifts of blood to the needed person. Blood donation has many benefits for the blood donor. It gives certain facilities to the people for whom the blood is donated.
It is safe completely as a health person can donate blood several times during the year and it will have no ill or bad effects on his body or general health. According to the statistics, it has been noted that only 62 countries are getting sufficient blood supplies from the voluntary and unpaid blood donors whereas 40 countries are still dependent for the blood donations on the patient’s family member or paid donors.
The blood donation day is celebrated to motivate voluntary blood donors in rest of the countries worldwide. It is celebrated to fulfill the need of blood transfusion and blood products transfusion to the needed person anywhere in the world. This campaign saves more than millions of lives annually and grts a natural smile on the face of the receiver.
Blood donation is one of the most significant contributions that a person can make towards the society. It is not harmful for an adult person to donate blood. The body of the donor can regenerate the full volume of blood within few days. It poses no threat to the metabolism of the body.
It is nice that Health care organizations like “the World Health Organization, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations (IFBDO) and the International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT)” work jointly to organize international level programs to promote people globally.
Many clubs, colleges, societies, offices, etc. organize blood donation camps on different occasions. It is a healthy gesture. We must keep this aptitude up at any cost. Our blood banks are running short of required blood. By organizing such blood donation camps we may help them to enrich their capacity.
Blood donation is our human duty. Our body does not get affected if we donate blood. The body can repair the loss within a few days. So we must come forward to donate blood as it can make sure the return of a dying man into life again.
It brings the proud feeling in the mind that we are the reason to save the life of someone. Blood donations has ensured that countless lives are saved due to this effort and the donations can be done without any ill effects for the donor.
Everyone has to give the blood for better health and save someone’s life. The blood donation process is almost pain free as except a minor pinch one does not experience any other complication. The entire exercise takes less than half an hour and can be done several times during a year.
So whenever we have spare time, we can visit the hospital and donate the blood. We will surely feel happy as people will shower their blessings on us for giving our blood and saving their life.
(The author hails from Jodhpur Tekra Ahmedabad)


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