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World Environment Day

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Rayees Ahmad Kumar
World Environment Day is observed on June 5th every year. It is an environmental awareness day, run by the United Nations. It is sometimes also unofficially called Eco Day or Environment Day. The aim of the Day is to raise awareness of the environment and specific environmental issues.
World Environment Day (WED) was established in 1972 but first held in 1974, which shows that concern about the environment goes back several decades at least. 143 countries take part in World Environment Day, and the day focuses on environmental concerns ranging from pollution to global warming and sustainable food production to protection of wildlife.
Issues such as pollution, climate change, deforestation, and human overpopulation have drastically changed the way the world works. Because of the significance of these issues, the United Nations created World Environment Day to help educate people about the consequences of human activity.
World Environment Day is a day celebrated all about teaching people about environmental issues, giving people the opportunity to change the habits they have that are affecting the environment and work towards change.
Numerous environmental changes have been identified as issues of global concern: desertification; the depletion of fuel wood; the destruction of tropical rainforest and rapid declines in forest cover; the modification of coastal ecosystems; the reduced availability and quality of drinking water; the depletion of soil resources; the over-exploitation of fisheries; food shortages; species extinction and the loss of biodiversity; stratospheric ozone depletion; rapidly rising levels of fossil fuel and demand for energy supplies; and climate change. The sheer number, magnitude and complexity of these issues can seem overwhelming and some commentators have argued that they amount to a cumulative, sustained human impact on the environment that has profoundly transformed the surface of the Earth.
World Environment Day reminds us to strengthen the world and ensure that nature is preserved at all costs. It throws light on the causes which are causing serious harm to our environment. For instance, industries and factories are contributing largely to pollution. They are deteriorating the quality of air that we breathe and the water we consume.
Thus, this day serves as an eye-opener for many citizens who aren’t aware of all this. In other words, it spreads awareness amongst the common people which the environment is facing right now. Moreover, it also encourages the public from different societies and communities to take active participation in celebrating the day.
So on the occasion of world environment day, we shall take the pledge to keep our water bodies viz rivers, lakes and ponds pollution free and also we shall switch over to eco-friendly mode of living to keep this planet suitable for the survival of human and other living beings. Besides we shall keep tourist destinations free from garbage and other pollutants and for better air quality we shall restrict the use of polluting fuels.
Forests which are the sources of tremendous biological diversity and about these the famous Kashmiri saint Sheikh Noordin (RA) has said about seven centuries ago “ann poshi teali yeal wan poshi” need to be protected at all costs in order to save our future and our future generation.
(The columnist hails from Qazigund Kashmir)

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