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Respected Sir,
In the “S.G. Vombatkere vs Union of India, 2022”, the Supreme Court ruled that the Section 124-A (Sedition law) must be held in abeyance from an immediate effect and suspended all the pending criminal proceedings based on the law. This has come as a ray of hope.
While analysing closely, one may find that the roots of the sedition law are connected to the Rowlatt Act Of 1919 which was then passed by the British Parliament to suppress the voices of Mahatma Gandhi and Bal Gangadhar Tilak and the growing nationalist upsurge in the country.
There is no need for such a suppressing colonial law in a modern constitutional democracy like India. The Centre has also changed its stance and has sought time from the apex court to reconsider the law. One hopes that the legislature abrogates the Section as it is now high time for India to shed the colonial baggage.
Tushar Anand, Bailey Road, Patna,Bihar

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