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A mind full of wishes

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Khan Younis

Several wishes stuck in my mind
Before life vanishes, I want to do like a kind
To have a sacred soul of affection
Towards the needy, poor and to serve mankind
Since childhood, I never dreamt of any fancy and affluent life
Rather to live under four muddy walls with happiness I could find
For often, I sit so lone with only nature around me
Sometimes at an enchanting and isolated green sight
Not by will but randomly it heals my wounds
Lifts me up from the sea of darkness to light
Those high and worriless but cheerful words roving with excitement
One incarcerated lad like me could only wish but never be in such delight
But now I realized why to wander in such illogical dreams
Rather to behold the result of my life in mind’s eye
To serve those innocent and oppressed ones indeed
Eyes of whom are always in tears, depressed and often in cry
To see someone’s grieved and troublesome life in glee
Not like a coward, dastard but a lot I wish I could try

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