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Of duties and responsibilities

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Abid Hussain Rather
The creation of human beings is not accidental, rather human beings have been sent to planet earth for a specific purpose, and accordingly they have been assigned some special responsibilities and duties.
Human heart is filled with a special tendency of love and sacrifice which gives human beings a sense of responsibility for giving a helping hand to needy people to ease their worries, problems and difficulties. Helping the needy and weak is one the primary responsibilities of all human beings besides being the fundamental duty of every person towards his fellow beings.
Had Almighty God created human beings solely for the purpose of worship, then the angels were enough for this purpose who always remain busy in worshipping the Almighty God and keep chanting His majestic names to glorify Him all the time.
Keeping above lines into consideration, it can be aptly said that every human being has been assigned with certain fundamental duties and some special responsibilities irrespective of his job, status, position or rank and accomplishing these responsibilities and duties with honesty, obligingly and cordially is the primary duty of all human beings besides being the partial purpose of their creation.
If man denies fulfilling his duties or shows carelessness towards his responsibilities, then he falls from the state of being ‘the noblest creation’ and then he is worth to be counted among the other animals who have no such special duties and responsibilities. Then such kind of people become responsible for the various miseries of other people as other have to experience the worst experiences of their lives because of such careless and arrogant people.
When we keenly analyse the present scenario of our society, we find that various institutions are the cardinal places where these duties and responsibilities assigned to human beings are either violated or a deaf ear is turned to requests of the needy people and the people have to confront with the worst experiences of their lives in these places.
These institutions have become the central places where human rights are violated and human beings are made to suffer unnecessarily. The avouchments to eradicate the menace of corruption and favouritism and providence of public conveniences, amenities and facilities seem to be avoided by some vested interests.
Some inefficient, inexperienced and arrogant people who want to practice the corrupt means make common people to suffer badly and their behaviour towards common people is very rude and irking. Some employees assume themselves as the dictators of and remain busy either in gossips or with their smart phones during the hours of their duty.
If sometimes, for pity’s sake, an employee listens to our problems, his behaviour towards us is so annoying and horrifying that we feel afraid to communicate our problems or clear our doubts. He behaves as if he feels pity on us and shows his mercy towards us, despite knowing that he has been appointed for the job to solve the problems of common masses.
We have been experiencing here that most of the public servants forget the fact that they have been deployed to help common masses and redress their grievances and problems.
Though it is a common saying that nobility, kindness and gentleness always bears the fruit of respect and honour, but in most of the cases a person is treated rudely, harshly and inhumanly.
Though this piece of writing has highlighted the negative aspects of most of the government employees regarding the execution of their duties and responsibilities, but the fact cannot be denied that there are many employees who work honestly and perform their duties with zeal and zest. Besides, a change is being put in place to expedite the processes of redressing public grievances.
The officials who do their job dedicatedly are well aware of their responsibilities and they try their best to help the common folk to ease their problems. Their behaviour towards people is always kind, attentive and sympathetic. But like few diamonds in mud their shine is fading away as their number is decreasing and these honest, talented and dedicated employees also get defamed due to other dishonest, negligent and careless employees.
At the end, it must be said that though a person may be working in any institution, he may be affiliated to any agency and may be having any rank; he will accomplish his duties and responsibilities only if he is God fearing and has a sense of responsibility. He will do justice with his duties only if he will keep listening to the voice of his conscience as we can run away from everything, except from our conscience.
So every sensible person should impart moral and religious education to his kids along with modern education to boost their morale so that they become aware of their duties and responsibilities as our kids are our future assets.
At the same time, every employee must be aware of the fact that he has to be answerable of his deeds before Almighty God on Doomsday, so he must work honestly and perform his duties and responsibilities with full dedication, honesty and truthfulness. Every employee must deal kindly and cooperatively with common masses, so that he must not feel ashamed of his deeds on the final day of judgment.
(The author can be reached at rather1294@gmail.com)



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