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Budgam offers various tourist attractions

Budgam offers various tourist attractions
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Sahil Manzoor
If there is paradise on earth, it is here, it is here, it is here. Kashmir valley is famous throughout the world for its luscious, endowed, charming beauty. There are amazing facts about Kashmir valley that it looks like paradise on earth, rich in several nature bestowed vegetation, springs, waterfalls, clear crystal water Rivers which flows from the lap of eminent mountains of Pir Panjal range, beautifies and elucidates the real face of Kashmir. The people of the valley are so benevolent and known for their great hospitality, (tourist views).
One more fact is that the tourism sector is the backbone of Kashmir’s economy. There are lacs of people; it includes all age groups who are earning their livelihoods from this sector. Tourism department plays a vital role in generating employment for the unemployed youth and at the time discovers, develops, new recreational places for the native folk and for the tourists who came from the different corners of the country and even from foreign nations as well.
The department needs to put in more resource for providing better and secure accommodation, ensure facilities that would throughout the year be available to the visitors besides it needs to identify more attractive destinations in future.
Doodhpathri is one of the emerging tourist spot in the Valley. Doodhpathri comprises two words meaning Doodh which literally means milk, due to clear crystal water of Shaliganga River and Pathri means meadows. Means, the milky meadow tourist destination.
Doodhpathri is just about 45 km from the summer capital Srinagar and about 36 km from the District headquarters Budgam. Doodhpathri beautifies, district Budgam in various ways and generates livelihood for the locals of the adjoining villages. The name was given to this renowned place by Valleys, one of the towering Sufi saint Nund Rishi (RA) commonly known as Alamdar Kashmir among natives of Kashmir.
Doodhpathri has been famous among the natives of District Budgam since centuries. Doodhpathri was earlier used for the grazing purposes, still there are mud houses called ‘Kotha’ by the locals.
There are other tourist places in Budgam district such as Sonamarg, Charari Sharief (shrine of Sheikh Noor Ud din Wali (RA).), Tosamaidan is one of emerging tourist destinations in the district and rich in various attractive places. Ich-Gam, Kremshora, Khansahib, Yarikhah are the villages which can be reached via doodhpathri. There are some other routes as well like via Magam, Beerwah, Arizal, Raiyar, Raithan and Mujhpathri.
Places to visit in the area other than Doodpathri
Sotchal (Sochal) Pathri
Sotchal (Sochal) Pathri nearer to Doodhpathri is a resting place for the visitors. The place is quite picturesque and explains the endowed beauty of nature.
The Sukhnag River is located in the lap of Pir Panjal Mountains of Parihas Doodhpathri and Sitaharan Khag. Literally the river is commonly known as ‘Sukh Nag’ comprises of two Kashmiri words like Sukh- means calm and Naag-means spring. The Sukh Naag River beautifies and quenches the thirst of several villages alongside it. The village are Arizal, Zanigam, and Beerwah and finally enters into the river Jhelum. Sukh Naag is one of the major tributaries of the river Jhelum.
The Sukhnaag River is famous throughout the district and has great influence among the native people. It originates from the upper mountain hills of the Tosamaidan. The origins are Dammam Sar, etc. dams and beatifies the lush green forest of the place. It will be brought under the map of tourism but at the same time needs attention of the administration. The Sukhnag River has great potential for the tourists and generates revenue for the state, generating employment as well for the locals of the area. There are certain more facts about the Sukhnaag River, such as the river is just 40 minute walk away from the tourist reception centre (TRC) Raiyar-ich, Tangnar.
The tourism department will find many other hidden facts about the beautiful place after it takes up the promotion of the place under the new tourism destinations of Kashmir.
There are other renowned tourist places in the district as well. Tosamaidan is a newly introduced tourist destination and has great potential for tourism, and needs assistance from the central government.
Raiyar –Ich
Raiyar Ich is a picturesque hamlet and resting place for the tourists, who come from different corners of the world?
Facts to know about the Raiyar –Ich.
Raiyar comprises of two Kashmiri words i.e. ”RAI” means lost and ”YAAR” means friend in Kashmiri language. So the name had been given to this hamlet, by the ” mystic Kashmiri Sufi saint, ”SHEIKH NOOR UD DIN WALI ” (RA). It’s so when he reached in the said village from the forests of the Pir Panjal, he sent his friends to different parts of Kashmir to spread teachings of Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) and he managed to start his journey alone towards Dreygam cave. Source: local legend of the village.
(The author hails from Khansahib Budgam)


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