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Need to improve on services

Need to improve on services
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The civil aviation ministry announced a eid gift for the people last week when it announced regular flights to Sharjah from Srinagar every week. The move has come at a time when the Srinagar airport is emerging as one of the busiest airports in the domestic and international sector.
Just two weeks back the Srinagar International Airport marked the busiest day in its history, handling 15,0 14 passengers who boarded 90 flights to travel in or out of Kashmir.
The airport handled 45 arriving flights with 7,824 passengers and 45 departing flights with 7,190 passengers on March 28 which gives an ample indication of how busy the upcoming summer season can prove for the airport officials and those working at the back end of various sectors including tourism, crafts and other activities.
The sudden surge in flight at the airport is surely too stressing for the staffers posted there as the airport is designed to handle nearly 7000 passengers on a daily basis. However, the way the arrivals and departures are being planned shown that a serious planning has been put in place to cater to the huge rush.
The Srinagar airport was all set to get busy and indications in this regard were given early when few months back when Union Home Minister Amit Shah on October 23 last year revived the direct air link between the valley and the UAE after 11 years.
Since then the Srinagar-Sharjah direct flight has been a runaway success for the economy of Jammu and Kashmir as the initiative will prove a boost both for tourism as well as trade here.
The Flight has instantly gained popularity among travellers who are residing in Middle East besides a large number of international tourists have started visiting the region directly from UAE.
Records also suggest that thousands of passengers including locals from Kashmir and tourists as well have travelled on the route since the inauguration of the flight by the Home Minister. The Srinagar-Sharjah flight is taking an extra 40 minutes after Pakistan refused to allow the use of its airspace. However, flights are experiencing good occupancy and the tickets always seem to be in demand.
Now that the flights will be operating every weeks the rush at the airport will increase accordingly and the movement of passengers will see further enhancement.
Apart from the increased number of flights to and fro from Srinagar, the designation of Srinagar International Airport as the custodian for import and export of goods directly from Srinagar to international destinations is also set to boost trade in the region.
Notably, the commissioner of customs has notified the Srinagar airport as custodian for the import and export of goods from abroad at the airport’s cargo terminal.
With this authorisation and notification by the government of India the Srinagar airport is now offering services to the business community for the import and export of goods directly from Srinagar.
This can directly help the trading community in Srinagar and surrounding areas to expand their horizons and explore the world by converting it into their market by making full use of this great opportunity.
The new service facilities and the increased rush of travelers will no doubt prove to be beneficial for various sectors, the administration should also plan to improve the current design of the airport.
The governments here as well as in Delhi should initiate construction of a new terminal building that will augment the handling capacity both in terms of passengers and goods so that the functioning of the airport meets international standards.
Besides, the services that are offered at the airport should also be improved to international standards. For this the audio system at the airport needs an immediate upgrade and other civic facilities too need to be updated to the best satisfaction of the travelers.



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