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Problem needs to be solved

Problem needs to be solved
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Jammu as well as Srinagar city are being developed as smart cities and this very fact promises all round growth and development for these two regions. However, some very basic requirements also need to be taken into account so that the smart city dream becomes a reality soon with people also feeling that the situation on the ground is changing.

One such measure which the administration needs to take up on war footing is dealing with the growing number of canines in the twin cities especially Srinagar. The dog menace has been turning worse in Kashmir division as various rough surveys point out that Srinagar city alone has a population of more than 40,000 stray dogs.

As per a report there have been more than 6000 cases of dog bites in last one year. The problem of increasing stray dog population has hit the capital city as the municipal and other civic bodies have failed to put in place all those measures that could have provided to keep a check on their growing numbers.

Worldwide various countries are resorting to different approaches to control the menace. Key among them are sheltering besides killing and sterilization of stray dogs, but unfortunately the civic authorities here have failed on these counts.

Though, SMC did announce a major sterilization program some years back but the output has been very dismal. This has proven that resorting to a single approach to curtail the canine numbers is not going to achieve the desired results.

Few months back the sterilization ratio was also announced to be increased but still the problem is growing with every passing day.

The increased canine numbers has resulted in various problems that are going unnoticed. One such issue is the excreta that this ever increased population of dogs is strewing the roads and lanes in every nook and corner.

This issue is so grave that most of the people living in various areas have resorted to various means like hanging coloured water bottles on their gates and walls to avoid the dogs from excreting near their premises. Though, the measure is unlikely to work but the people are at least trying to act rather than acting as mute spectators.

Besides, during the night hours the dogs get so hyperactive that in most of the area’s residents complain that they hardly get to sleep in peace due to the continuous barking of the dogs during the entire night. The small children and the elderly who are ill feel tormented by such nuisance day in and day out.

This being just the tip of the iceberg, the authorities’ need to go in a huddle and help some sanity to prevail and make the schemes like the smart city project and ‘Swatch Bharat’ look rationale. Otherwise, the entire place will look like a ‘dog inhabited’ place.

The onus of solving this menace also lies on the common people here who also resort to open strewing of leftover food and garbage which increases the dog presence and numbers in any particular area. The people also need to ensure that no waste is left in open spaces roads and parks. This will also help curtail the dog menace to some extent.

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