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A nice initiative

A nice initiative
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The Jammu Municipal Corporation last week announced an initiative to ensure upkeep and clean neighborhood parks. Though the idea may seem to be a minor proposal when we look at it superficially, but once analyzed in detail the plan seems a nice and workable one as the public spaces in Jammu and Kashmir seem to be a neglected lot.
The proposal called the ‘Adopt-A-Park’ programme will provide opportunity to local communities, welfare associations and other organizations to contribute in making our environs clean and also give them a sense of involvement and participation in community services.
Presently, 17 public parks have already been adopted by aware and responsible citizens at different places of Jammu city, under the initiative. Though individuals, businesses and other organizations can also come forward to adopt a park and make a difference in their neighborhood. This will ensure people’s participation as community support is required to establish beautiful and well-maintained parks that are clean and free of litter.
Maintaining our environs is a collective responsibility so as to build a resilient ecosystem to address the challenges of climate change. Besides, conservation and protection of trees and plants is embedded in our ancient culture and traditions but the degrade that has been witnessed over the past several decades has meant that we have not been able to maintain clean environs and as a result the age old practices of spending some time outside our homes that too with our neighbours and friends has become extinct.
Almost all districts across Jammu and Kashmir have ample of open space even in busy market places but these places have either been rendered misfit for public use or they have been ignored over the years which has taken away the sheen and charm these held few decades back.
What is needed is that a concerted effort should be started so that the proposal finds acceptance not only in Jammu division but elsewhere in the UT as well.
In Kashmir division the proposal can be worked out using various religious bodies as well, especially the Mohalla Masjid committees which exist in every nook and corner here. These committees can through people’s participation ensure that such places are restored and even maintained for use by the public.
The proposal can also be useful for all types of community services where the places maintained can turn out to be public utility spaces for the people. Our cultural needs also suggest that such public places need to be put into use and maintained for the overall good of the community.
As we follow our ancient cultural system which propagates environmental protection and talks about our coexistence in complete harmony with the nature, the proposal can work wonders as it can provide an opportunity for everyone to help generate consciousness about environment conservation among the younger population as well.
Moreover, there is a urgent need to revive ecology and our efforts to provide a safe environment to the coming generations tells us that such collective efforts for conservation of nature and its resources need to be adopted at a fast pace.

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