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Improving travel options

Improving travel options
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Kashmir is witnessing a huge influx of tourists this year. Thanks to the declining covid cases and an urge among the locals across the country to pay a visit to the paradise on earth.
Right now the entire Kashmir valley is witnessing an envious footfall of tourists and the most of the tourist places are buzzing with activity. Be it tourist places across the historical city of Srinagar or other wonderful location spread across the region, tourists are seen in huge numbers which has meant the revival of trade and other activities in these regions.
Now that the tourist arrivals are bound to grown in the coming months the official machinery and the locals associated with the trade need to gear up to provide the best of services to the tourists.
One such facility that needs to be focused on is the easing of travel options for the tourists who need to be provided a low cost airline service so that the travel becomes easy and affordable to all.
We all know that the Jammu-Srinagar national highway is giving all sorts of troubles to the commuters especially during winters or rainy days. During winter the highway has witnessed numerous closures for days together making it difficult for people to travel on this highway.
This scenario puts the travelers on the back foot and tourists also fear to be caught on the road when it faces closure due to landslides or other issues. In such a situation an affordable airline service or options with the existing airlines operating on this circuit need to be explored.
Interestingly, the clamor for having an airlines operating with cheaper rates is growing in Jammu and Kashmir, but it has so far escaped the attention of the authorities.
The skyrocketing of airfares that is being witnessed by passengers travelling on the Jammu-Srinagar-Delhi circuit is not only creating troubles for the common man but tourists too will end up staying away from Kashmir.
This situation will hurt the tourism sector again and we are in no such situation where we can afford to lose any further business. We have already witnessed a slump in tourism activities during the past two years owing to the covid-19 pandemic and now when things are shaping up for good we cannot ignore any suggestion that can help to increase the tourist footfall in Jammu and Kashmir.
Providing a low cost airline option for such occasion can prove to be highly beneficial and will act as a magnet to get tourists here and enjoy the scenic beauty of this place. The low cost of tickets will also encourage the low end tourists to this place who have to skip a visit to their dream place owing to the costs involved in travelling here.
The options in this regard can be worked out and some platform can be provided to operating airlines where they can also come out with some low cost airfares on this circuit to attract huge crowds.

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