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Closure of vital bridge at Srigufwara gives tough time to commuters: Bridge will be made motorable in 15 days: R&B official

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Srinagar:-The closure of vital bridge over Nallah Lidder in Srigufwara area of Anantnag district is giving tough time to commuters.
Locals said that the bridge at Sakhras Srigufwara was closed two months back after it was declared unsafe by the authorities.
They said that the closure of bridge has disconnected dozens of villages of Dachnipora from Khoveripora, adding that it has led to increase in the hardships faced by the people.
They further added that hundreds of students of Dachinpora belt are studying in Khoveripora and vice versa but due to closure of bridge they have to cross the nallah Lidder through a makeshift bridge which is very risky as water level of the nallah has increased.
The locals added that many persons have drowned while crossing the nallah through makeshift bridge but they were rescued safely.
They said that it was the shortest route between dozens of villages but people have no option other than to take long routes to reach to their destinations.
Locals requested higher ups to start work on the bridge at an earliest and complete it so that locals can heave a sigh of relief.
Meanwhile, an official of the R&B said that a portion of bridge was unsafe and design of this portion has already been completed and work too will be started soon.
He said that in next two weeks bridge will be through for traffic.

Jahangeer Ganaie

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