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Breaking the shackles

Breaking the shackles
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Imtiyaz Ahmad Shah
Education is the most substantial method and the only means of lessening illiteracy, discrimination, apartheid, and inequality. Education is a fundamental right, and all people have the right to education.
Education brings about reform and progressively erases ignorance. The best way to survive is to learn. If we are witnessing any change in culture, morals, ethics, and behaviour, it is just because of education. I was brought up and raised in a small village called Balhama, which is more or less 27 kilometres from the main town, Baramulla.
I did my education at Balhama High School, and it may be one of the best institutes in the Baramulla district. Over the last few years, we have seen a great transformation in education and grades.
Undoubtedly, the institution is setting records and attempting fascinating reforms to the education system. I expended close to five years in this institution, and I can easily make a comparison. I respect each and everything about the school. In that respect is nothing negative within and outside.
Our town used to be a long way from education and literacy. Few males used to walk miles to get their education, and these people attempted to make a change in our village through offline tutoring and coaching. With each passing day, people knew that ignorance would never help their children secure higher positions in government. They struggled to get their children into school. For the past five years, the Balhama GHS has turned around and shaped the future of our children.
The institution is inoculated with top-notch, well-educated faculty, and they bring about every change in the lives of students. Besides, you will never find any student who is not intelligent. They seek to explore their ingrained abilities and allow them to do what they are expected to do. If our village reaches new summits, the GHS Balhama deserves the credit. The future of our village is in their hands, and there is no doubt that our children will have a radiant and bright future.
How they explore, observe, and teach is surprisingly different from other schools in the surrounding area. We need to acknowledge these institutions for a reason. We need these schools to address inequalities, discrimination, etc., and we should try to provide all the support possible. If I am writing anything, it is exactly because of this institution, and we are going to witness more such outstanding changes in their way of teaching and approach towards the welfare of students. These are hidden assets, and we are responsible for enhancing their status and dignity. I would love to be part of this institution someday because we will have to work with people who are quite different and intelligent. A few years ago I was so scared looking at the educational scenario of our village, but there is peace and comfort whenever I pass through the gate of GHS Balhama.
The aroma and the favourable conditions always circulate inside the premises of the establishment. In the recent result of grade 10, GHS Balhama secured 21 distinctions out of 28 students. These numbers are quite staggering. Currently, over a hundred students are entering various colleges and universities.
In addition, some students are preparing for civil service and some are turning out to be writers and columnists. Illiteracy is gradually coming to an end and a new era has just begun. We are proud to be the students of GHS Balhama, and we anticipate a growing transformation of the education system.
The chains of illiteracy have been given out and shattered. From each home, in the morning, the cheerful children leave their homes to go to school. From dawn to dusk, the scent of the remarkable school continues to fascinate everyone around. There is joy, unparalleled education, and eco-friendly faculty members. We must give their supreme efforts our support and applause.

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