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A failed UN

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Mushtaq Hurra
United Nations Organisation ( UNO ) as the peace keeping watchdog in contemporary times, has almost lost its credibility, integrity and authority. Like its predecessor viz League of Nations, it has failed to uphold its sanctum-sanctorum charter and cherished ethos which are based on the dignity and respect of human life.
I wonder, if any human being on the planet earth has even miniscule faith and hope in this organisation. The organisation is nothing but a monopoly of a few belligerent and over-ambitious nations who can go to any extent to grind their selfish axes. These pugnacious nations who are bragging of being the ambassadors and priests of peace and brotherhood, have spilled the human blood in the past as well, and there is no change in their sinister and devilish designs even now.
Who can forget the cataclysm of Hiroshima and Nagasaki! I wonder, if the so-called patrons and champions of this organisation – UNO, have any sort of conscience left in them. Russian invasion on Ukraine, and haplessness of this international organisation to cease the Russian juggernaut, has put serious question marks on its sovereignty.
The attack on Ukraine is a brazen violation of UN charter and international laws. It has sent shockwaves among weak, non-nuclear and comparatively fragile countries in terms of armed strengths. If Russia can unprovokedly attack a country like Ukraine today, another bigwig will undoubtedly swallow any weaker side by tomorrow.
So, the world peace has been jeopardized and taken hostage by these so-called champions and pioneers of humanity and human values. These are the people who have hegemonised the UN. Their hypocrisy and double standards stand exposed. In the past, these mighty wolves have destroyed many poor countries in the garb of alleged terrorist links and nuclear proliferation apprehensions.
The world must take cognizance of their extreme jingoism and xenophobia. The future of humanity on the planet earth is bleak and uncertain, because the warmongers have produced sophisticated arms to raze it down to rubble and debris.
In the ongoing war, Ukraine has suffered a lot on multiple fronts. Cries, sighs, sobs, pains and miseries of Ukrainian civilians have fallen on the deaf ears of these ostensible campaigners of peace and brotherhood. They were yesterday a threat to the world, and they are today the same to it.
The organisation – UNO, recently passed a resolution in its general assembly, demanding an end to the war from Russian side. But, it carries no weight-age and value, because the organisation is a mere marionette, and the twin power houses viz USA and Russia have its strings in their hands. Puppets can’t budge but dance to the tunes of its masters and controllers. How is it possible to anticipate justice and mercy when the assassinator is the jurist. Here, I am reminded of a Sudarshan Faaqir couplet. “Maira Munsif Hee Maira Qaatil Hai, Kya Mairay Haqq Mei’n Faisal Daiga “.
Role and relevance of NAM (Non aligned movement ) has increased during the contemporary times. Nations should keep away from the power politics, so that the world which is on the pyre of nuclear armoury and threat, is made a secure place for biological creatures to breathe in safely and freely. Time has come when the world must raise its collective voice against belligerent political powers who wish to bring weaker sides under their feet. Alliances and re-alliances of different countries have helped these antagonistic forces to interpret their dreams.
NATO is probably fanning the flames behind the curtains. They are helping Ukraine with arms and ammunition to fight the Russian onslaught. It will never pay dividends to Ukraine, but will only add to their miseries and hardships. The war is about to take uglier turns. The emerging war scenario from Ukrainian soil, points towards a nuclear catastrophe, because the prolonged and strong resilience has frustrated and angered Putin and company.
Thousands of Ukrainian civilians have succumbed to the ferocity of Putin which include scores of children and women, and more than three hundred foreigners. Naveen of Karnataka who was pursuing MBBS in the war hit Ukraine lost his life to the Russian onslaught. Thousands of armed men on both sides have fallen prey to the on-going war. Millions of civilian have been rendered homeless to bombardment and shelling by Russian armies. Thousands have been widowed, orphaned and crippled forever.
Almost two million people have fled to the neighboring countries. Nearly 95% houses of Ukrainian people are destroyed and flattened. Schools, colleges and universities are no exception to it. Industrial units, factories and manufacturing yards have been wrecked. Patients are craving for medicine and other healthcare related facilities.
Education of students has evaporated and vanished into the thin air. Careers of thousands of local and foreign students are at stake. Sufferings and afflictions on humanity have witnessed a new chapter. But, who cares? The aggressors are stone-hearted and cruel to the extent, that loves, empathy and compassion has no meaning for them.
Russia is not satiated with all the demolition, damage and devastation inflicted upon Ukraine. According to many news agencies, Putin is contemplating to launch a nuclear attack on the Ukrainian soil. Of late, Russian authorities carried out nuclear evacuation mock drills, in the backdrop of a possible nuclear attack on Ukraine. It might be a war tactic and maneuver to demoralise Ukrainian determination, but these blind aggressors can go to any extent.
Unexpected resilience and harsh reply by Ukraine has unnerved and baffled Putin to the extent that he has readied his nuclear bomb carrying ballistic missiles and submarines to erase the existence of Ukraine from the face of the earth. Nuclear attack on Ukraine might result in the third world war, and the whole world will definitely pay a heavy price for it. Mere condemnation is not enough to end the escalations between the two sides. Influential leaders and members of UNO must take pragmatic steps to end the plight of Ukrainian people. There must be enough arbitration and negotiations to bring peace to the war hit Ukraine.
The world during contemporary times is craving for true statesmen. Present-day rulers have their selfish and cunning motives behind their political manifestoes. They are hungry for power and awe. No Tzars, no Pharos, no Alexanders, no Putins and no Bidens are going to rescue the humanity from the obnoxious and awful times. It is only and only the peace model of Mohammad (SAW) that will save the world from the clutches of hatred, jealousy and extremism. Syedna Umar (RA) expanded his kingdom over 22 lakh square miles, and set a glaring example of true statesmanship for the world to follow, because even quadrupeds of jungle had no threat of life. May Allah SWT descend such statesmen from the skies to save the humanity from the venom of the deadly snakes!
(The author is a Teacher and a columnist)

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