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Imtiyaz Ahmad Shah
Long before, when technological procedures were not widespread and people were in the habit of reading, researching and writing on materializing subjects around the world. They strived to reach their goal of getting attention and prominence; these valiant people, therefore, succeeded in their expedition and intent.
We are here solely as a result of their work. We understand their books, autobiographies, and much more to enhance our reasoning, conventional etiquettes, knowledge, learning and listening skills, etc. Not only that, but we set out to copy the way they lived their life, and we strive to make our tracks to let others follow, but we have bypassed our goal and objective.
Over the past half a decade, things have gone wrong due to the sudden onset of social media. People were intrigued and tried their hands in content creation such as vlogs, outrageous theatres, and parodies.
Undoubtedly, they find a way out of their financial instabilities but harmed the legacy and cultural facets of Kashmir through their vlogs, frolics, and pranks. We must not condemn technological advances, but we must hold responsible those who support such people.
We are flooded with nudity, obscenity, vulgarity, etc., and these ironic elements are enough to undermine our culture, civilization, and old tradition. Content creation is not a crime, but mixing these plagiarized and unnecessary performances to create agitation and hatred between people is more than a crime.
There should be stiff penalties for those people who are more than willing to promote danger and obscenity instead of knowledge and information. We misuse social media to generate revenue, regardless of whether it interferes with other people’s feelings. As of today, we are laughing, giggling, and promoting their videos, but we don’t know it can be a provoked unstoppable catastrophe.
We must stop stimulating these people around because they threaten our nation with their unpleasant content creation and their oxidized behaviour toward the respected citizens of the nation. In a recent event that prevailed in Kashmir when an unsophisticated and self-proclaimed prankster attempted to use his clumsy wit in front of the tourists.
He deteriorated the image of Kashmir and its hospitality. This rude and commercial transgression towards our guests shall never be condoned, and we must deal with it as a matter of priority to prevent our tourism and intellectualism from further calamity.
If such acts continued, and people continued to encourage and promote such content, then Kashmir would no longer be called paradise on earth. We are pre-existing fatalities, and we need to safeguard ourselves from forthcoming plagues (content). We must positively publicize Kashmir, without personal advantage or dividend. The work we are doing is pushing us towards guaranteed trauma and disgrace.
There is no promotion around us of things that have value. After mass struggles, battles and famine, Kashmir has come into existence and we alone will be responsible for its extinction. The legacy of Kashmir sets records, and we are delighted to see it shrink with a large smile on our faces. We spend the maximum of our time watching videos without lessons and information. We let our kids spend hours and hours on such ridiculous content, and we tell them to learn from these people. How sad and inconsistent is our mindset?
We should teach our kids to learn about Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and his pedagogy. We should force them to read books, columns, magazines, sacred books, etc., instead of asking them to look at viral videos on Facebook and YouTube. Likewise, we are extremely slow in this process, and it will keep us haunted until we do not try to put these vulgarities away from us.
I am baffled there are so many writers, authors, and columnists in Kashmir who are working and exploring issues within and outside. These people give us productive information about events and exhibitions worldwide, but we never read them. The bad stuff is better than the good stuff.
We always feel exhausted whenever we’re supposed to read books, articles, and newspapers. It’s like some kind of burden. However, we have hours to watch videos, and we never get tired. The world needs legends that can leave their inheritance and inspire others by their supreme work.
We need to stop watching impractical videos on Facebook and YouTube and raise awareness to facilitate those who contribute to society. Our minds are full of dirt and every side is inundated with obscenity in the form of videos and theatres. These content creators are similar to poachers who illegally steal or destroy objects. For their interests and benefits, they take advantage of us. Our country is on the brink of disaster, and we must stop it at any cost. It can be time-consuming, but it will certainly be productive and effective.
We have great writers here but I never saw people pushing their work for a better future and intellect. We promote Kashmir’s awful things and encourage those people to move ahead. This is destructive!
(The writer is an independent research scholar)

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